Thursday, March 27, 2008

what's in your bag?

apa isi tasmu?

I was thinking about posting something like this, then I saw someone already did it (for any reason). but I'm gonna do this anyway.
aku sedang berpikir mau post sesuatu tentang ini, ketika aku lihat sesorang sudah melakukannya (apapun alasannya). tpi aku tetep akan post ini.

things that makes me feel secure and ready to go anywhere...
benda-benda yang membuat aku merasa nyaman dan siap pergi ke mana aja...

clock wise:
searah jarum jam:

* simple make up kit that I don't use much actually (body lotion, face moist, face powder, eyebrow pencil, lipstick, and cream blush on
* make up kit sederhana yang sebenernya juga ga banyak aku pake: body lotion, pelembab wajah, bedak, pensil alis, lipstick, dan cream blush on.

* wallet with all its contents (money, cards etc.)
* dompet dengan segala isinya.

* ugly note book
* buku catatan kecil yang usang

* pencil box (pens, pencil, eraser, a small ruler, small cutter, glue, flashdisk, card reader, highlighter, and my working id card)
* kotak pensil: pulpen, pensil, penghapus, garisan kecil, cutter kesil, lem, flashdisk, card reader, stabillo, dan id kerjaku.

* mukena (it's some kind of dress to cover my whole body when I pray)
* mukena

* and something I can't take the picture, is my handphone, which I'm taking all pictures with. but you can see it on my side bar, held by me.
* dan sesuatu yang tidak bisa aku ambil gambarnya, yaitu handphoneku, karena kupake untuk ambil semua gambarnya. tapi bisa dilihat kok, di sidebar, sedang kupegang.

and they're all in this back pack. yes this is what I bring anywhere I go. so not girly huh?

dan semuanya ada di ransel ini. yup, aku bawa ransel ke mana pergi. ga cewek banget ya?


Are You Serious! said...

♥ I think these posts are great!!! I love seeing what other women have in their bags! Who said you had to have a girly frilly hand bag! My friend carries around a back pack too. It's much more comfy she says! :)

carrie & troy keiser said...

fun post. I read Serious's also. Love her bag and I don't even carry one at all. What is your job? What do you do?
BTW I've tagged you.....

Laura said...

I think your bag is totally uncluttered! Mine would be awful to share...