Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Souvenirs from Balikpapan

I bought my self these imitation jewelry...

'Batik Sasirangan' for my mom and sisters...

'Batik Kaltim' for my brother and 'Sarung Samarinda' for my father...

and a lot more batik fabrics for my friends...

I hope they like what they 'll get

Holy Day Holiday (part 2)

Day 1
We spent almost all day long visiting Dan’s uncles, aunties and cousins. I’m glad my children could get along with Dan’s cousin’s children although they just have met.

Day 2
The Beach!!
Beaches are our favorite. The beach was clean. Sandy, and the water was quite still, almost no wave, so I can let my children get into the water with no worries.
We made a sand castle that looked a lot more like a bunch of burgers.

And there was a park for children to play. With my children's favorite game: climbing stuff

Crocodile Ranch
Nobody could tell us what this croc ranch is developed for. Do they take croc skins for fashion needs, or take their meat for food, or else?. The ranch was split in parts according to the croc’s age.

My children need to climb up the cage to be able to see the adult crocs in the pond. Suddenly one of the crocs roar. Ir got kinda shocked, he jumped and fell seated. His pants were wet and dirty. So I bought ‘any pants will do’ in a shop nearby. While Dan was changing Ir’s pants, Ar looked inside the plastic bag and asked, “Where’s mine?”.
Dan answered, “Your pants are okay, you don’t need to change”. But he wanted to have one. Oh, you twins.... So they changed their pants with these batik pants...

Day 3
We went to a mall and the kids have some fun in kidzone playground

Day 4
An uncle offered us to go to Tenggarong, 3 hours riding from Balikpapan to see a museum. But my mom in law said that museum in Yogya and Solo are better. So we decided to go to the beach again...

Time to go home...
Ir cried and beg to stay a little longer. But I and Dan had to back to work the next day.
So we went home. Ibit let me to sit next to the window for a while and took some pics of the clouds we hit...

We got home at 19.00. We really enjoy our holiday....

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Holy Day Holiday (part I)


We did sholat Ied in mosque Darussalam near our house. I'm sorry we couldn't join other people to take care of the sacrificed animals like we usually did in last few years, may Allah bless them. But I had to go to Balikpapan, my parents in law's home. It is to be my first visit in my 8 years marriage...
They usually came to Java in Iedul Fitri and some special moments (ex; my children's birth), and that's how we met annually in Dan's grandparents home. But this time I want to visit them, and there's no way they can say they're not happy about it.
We left for Yogya after sholat, and got there at around twelve. Had lunch and some rest, then went to the airport, where we took our flight to Balikpapan at 16.30. It was my children's first flight and they were so excited. They were sooooo noisy in the aircraft. 'we're flying... we're flying...'
'look at the clouds....!!!'
'hey!! we're hitting the clouds, can you feel the plane shaking?'
'I want to eat noodle!'
'I want to sit next to the window, I can't see anything from here!'
'Ibu, I can fasten my seat belt by myself!'
'this flight is so long! is Balikpapan so far?'
'hey... we're landing... we're landing...!!!'
People would be able to see, it was they're first flight...

We arrived in Balikpapan at 19.00 Java time, or 20.00 there time. Iedul Adha in Balikpapan is just as crowded as Iedul Fitri. Right after we got there, people come to visit my parents in law, since they are hajjis. I was too tired, so after a little hospitality and bla bla I apologized and went upstairs with the children and went to bed..

(to be continued...)

Iedul Adha (2)

To memorize and follow Ibrahim's faith...
When Allah told him to sacrifice his son Ismail, Ibrahim followed the order, and Ismail had no hesitate at all...
It was Allah the al Mighty who change Ismail with a lamb, right before Ibrahim's sword touched Ismail skin...
We are no prophet, and Allah has made it easier for us. We only have to sacrifice lamb, or goat, or cow, or camel. How could we still feel so hard about it?
And learn from Ibrahim, that the children we think we have, are actually not ours. They, like other things Allah has given to us, belong to HIM, and to HIM we will all return.
Allahu Akbar.

HAPPY IEDUL ADHA (to those who celebrate it...)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Iedul Adha


Monday, December 17, 2007

How do you remember a phone number?

I went home a little late yesterday, and was welcomed by childrens' hugs.
Nanny said, 'Ar Ir called Bapak by them selves this afternoon'
I asked them: 'O really? You could?'.
Ar answered: 'Yes I can' .
Me: 'You know the number?'
Ar mentioned the number, including 'stacked eggs' for '8'. He got it right.
Me: 'What about you Ir? You also know the number?'
Ir just held my hand and took me to the phone. And then pointed his finger to the numbers, 'this and this and this and this and this and this and this and this'. Eight digits, he can't mentioned the number but he knows the places to push.
It's a little strange for me, how Ir memorize it. But still I said, ' I'm proud of you guys. You can call Bapak anytime you want to. But... don't you want to call Ibu too?'
Together they said: 'No. I don't know your number'
Ooooo... I tought them to call their Bapak but forgot to tell how to call me!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Everybody Kiss.....!!!!!

It was a game Ibit made accidently

I got home at six yesterday. Oooo.... Igot so much time to spend with my family!
We were in front of TV, the TV was on but we didn't care. We rolled on one another. Suddenly Ibit yelled: everybody kiss Bapak!! So we all did... MMMMUAHHHH!!!
And I continued: everybody kiss Ar!! So we all did... MMMMUAHHHH!!!
Then Dan (Bapak) said: everybody kiss Ibit!! So we all did... MMMMUAHHHH!!!
After that Ir said: everybody kiss Ibu!! So I got four kisses at a time... MMMMUAHHHH!!!
Ended when Ar said: everybody kiss Ir!! So we all did... MMMMUAHHHH!!!

Sweet massal kisses...
I love my family!

my work

I work five days a week from 07.00 to 16.00. Saturday and Sunday are my children's days. But there are days when I have to work over time. This last week has been one. It usually happens in year end.
My post before was about this hard time. Thank GOD I still have saturday and sunday. I don't go nowhere those days, that's what I said I'll pay.
I'm so thankful my children don't protest me about this long hours working. It's not everyday anyway, they understand it.
I hope I still deserve to be called 'a good mother'.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

what kinda o mather am I?

I go to work at 06.30
I get home at 20.00

my kids wake up at 05.00. I bathe them and feed them, and at 06. 30 we go our separate ways. they, to school while I, to work.
at 20.00 get home. little talk and laugh to them. 20.45 they brush they teeth and pee, then at 21.00 they go to bed.
I meet my children 2 hours a day.
this year end is so hard.... working is soooooo tiring, some times makes me sick...

I'll pay this at the holiday....

Thursday, December 6, 2007


I found something interesting in peacepigeon's blog. Want to know your 'blog readability'?
I my self don't really get it, I just tried it and found out my level is 'genius'. That means need a genius to understand my blog.
Is that good or bad?
Try it: readability

have fun!


is in our hart
it should make us better
not worse

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

(sok) SIBUK

(pretend to be) BUSY

so little time
so much to do

no time to post
no time to blogwalking

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Darling, you have such a big mouth....

Ir and Ar playing with a loup their Bapak bought them....
Look at Ar's teeth. I don't know how they become like that. I brush them every night before he goes to bed (well, I sometime forget... but rarely...)

Saturday, December 1, 2007

another baby, baby?

I talked to Ibit Ar Ir about having another baby in the house. This is what they said:
Ibit: OK. But it better be a girl, boys are bad.
Ar: OK. Girl or boy, but only one, not twin. (What's wrong with twin? He answered: you'll be very busy taking care of them....)
Ir: No more babies....

Am I ready to have one (or more)...?
mmmmmm.... I want to have one, but I'm not sure I'm ready for it... :)