Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Not Afraid of Dentist!

I can never guess (other than what I have known before) what he likes, doesn't like. What makes him uncomfortable. Cutting nails is still an issue untill now, so going to dentist for tooth extraction was a huge worry for me. Finding two teeth had to be extracted was like another bad dream but like always, I had to face.
We visited a dentist once before to check how his teeth were (the result was 'very good' because he brushes hes teeth and doesn't like sweets) and he was quite comfortable with the dentist. He likes the chair, the lamp, the water crane and everything in the dentist room.
So it wasn't too hard to make him sit and open his mouth, until the dentist put some anesthesia and work with her tool. He started screaming, tried to break loose, cried. I and the nurse had to hold him tighter until it was done.

A week after this, we found that another tooth has to be extracted. I was afraid that he would refuse to even just to go to the dentist. But he didn't.  I tried my best to explain that his tooth was shaking and had to be pulled. Mami could do but it might be hurt. The dentist would do better and less hurt. He came to the dentist (again) happily and didn't cry as much as last week.
I understand (well I try to!) how hard it is to be Aik. He has to work harder to learn every thing. Fights harder for the things he doesn't understand. Not that I never try to make him do. But it is really harder to explain things too.
I'm so proud of him that he has learned the  most important thing, he has to accept so many things he doesn't want to. He often whin, seem deppressed (that's when I have to prevent this from happening, which is also so hard because some times it is me who get deppressed...). I hope that slowly he will learn that his struggle will be paid off.