Friday, March 25, 2011

the (not) conjoined twins

I can't tell how grateful I am to have these miracles in my life
aku tidak bisa mengatakan betapa bersyukurnya aku memiliki dua keajaiban ini dalam hidupku

when I was having my pregnancy of Ar and Ir, I didn't have USG until week 16. I felt my tummy was too big for the age of the pregnancy. I was worried if there was something wrong, so I checked out. I move from midwife to doctor.
waktu hamil Ar Ir, aku belum USG sampai umur kehamilan 16 minggu. aku merasa perutku gede banget, untuk umur segitu. aku khawatir ada apa apa. makanya aku periksa. aku pindah dari bidan ke dokter.

I still remember the first thing the doctor said.
'they have separated bag, that is good. so we know they are not conjoined'
aku masih ingat hal pertama yang dikatakan dokter
'kantongnya terpisah, jadi kita bisa yakin mereka bukan kembar siam' 

so that's why it was bigger than my pregnancy of Ibit, at the same age. I was shocked. I wasn't ready. it took time for me to take the reality that I was having twin babies...
jadi itu sebabnya perutku lebih besar dari ketika hamil Ibit pada usia kehamilan yang sama. aku shock. butuh waktu untuk bisa menerima kenyataan, bahwa aku hamil bayi kembar...


this afternoon I went to Karyadi Hospital to see a set of conjoined twin - Sanaya and Isnaya. their parents are not my family. not my friend. I don't even know them. I just know them from the newspaper. but the news about them have pulled my sympathy. they are not rich family who can easily afford a surgery to separate the twin. 
siang ini aku ke Rumah Sakit Karyadi menjenguk sepasang bayi kembar siam, Sanaya dan Isnaya. orang tuanya bukan saudaraku. bukan temanku. kenal juga enggak. cuma tahu tentang mereka dari koran. tapi berita tentang mereka bikin aku trenyuh. mereka bukan keluarga mampu yang bisa dengan mudah membiayai operasi pemisahan bayi mereka.

the time I entered the gate my heart was beating faster. when I entered the building my eyes started watering. when I entered the room I found my self hard to breathe. but when I saw them I was so glad. the look beautiful and all right.
waktu masuk gerbang rumah sakit aku berdebar kencang. waktu masuk gedung matau mulai panas mau nangis. waktu masuk ruangan rasanya sesak napas. tapi ketika aku melihat mereka rasanya lega. mereka cantik dan baik-baik saja.

I wanted to hold and carry them but don't know how. so I just saw their mother change their diapers and carry them gently. I wanted to take a picture but it is not allowed. I had to see the PR to get a permission. but I don't think it is important. the most important thing is I know they are healthy and will be ready for surgery in a few months --- and live a normal life.
pengen nggendong, tapi bingung bagaimana caranya. jadi aku lihatin saja ibu mereka mengganti popok dan menggendong. pengen moto tapi dilarang. boleh sih, tapi harus minta ijin bagian humas. ribet. ga penting. yang penting aku tahu bahwa mereka sehat dan akan siap untuk dioperasi dalam beberapa bulan --- lalu menjalani hidup dengan normal.

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(I grabbed the picture of Sanaya and Isnaya from this web)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

the birthday surprise that leaked

this was supposed to be a birthday surprise for Ar and Ir

Dan and I bought it last night and kept it save (well it wasn't that save, I just put it on the back seat!) in the car.
We got out of the car with a ball for Ai' and five sticks of ice cream for us.

Ar: you should get an elemagica movie dvd for buying five sticks
me: we did get one
Ar: where is it?
Dan: in the car, inside the baggage. will you get it please?

taa daaa....
and Ar came back with the dvd, and, the launcher.

'is this for our birthday presents?'
how so not fun.
'no it's not. put it back. it's Bapak's friend's'

but off course it was an awful lie. this morning we gave it to the boys and the look in their faces were like saying, 'I knew you were lying. I knew it was for us'

happy birthday boys. be whatever you want to be, and let God take care of the rest :)

Saturday, March 12, 2011


alhamdulillah mbak Ibit sudah khatam Qur'an
syukuran sederhana di rumah ustadz Fahruddin

semoga membawa kebaikan :)

Friday, March 11, 2011

the partner

I guess they will always be partners in any thing.

they play games and swipe level by level, together. I notice that if they play alone won't be as good as if they play together (as one). Ar is great in controling the mouse, Ir is wonderful in strategi.

I often hear Ar shouts calling Ir to join him. and I hear how Ir directs Ar to shoot now or wait until the enemy move there, or shoot from up here or go behind the big spaceship.

and I hear, a lot, how the yell a hooray together each time they succeed a level.

I hope they can be partners in passing the levels of life, as well.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

the swimmer

the first time I put him into the water, he held his hands together like praying. his legs hooked each other.

for about 5 minutes or more he just stood still. I wonder if he was thinking 'what are they doing to me?'

but in time he started moving his arms and legs, smiling and mumbling. enjoying the swimming.

this is a part of the therapy. an exercise for the whole body.
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