Wednesday, June 6, 2007

These are some of combos I created at the beginning of my teaching time....

1. Combo 1
Step right, 2 left hamstring curls (4)
Left step, 2 right hamstrings curls (4)
Single step back right left right left (8)
Mambo cha cha cha right (4)
Mambo cha cha cha left (4)
Right square (4)
Squat right (4)
2. Combo 2
2 v-steps right (8)
Grapevine right (4)
2 lunges left (4)
Knee up Grapevine left (8)*
Squat left right (8)
3. Combo 3
Diagonal right (4)
2 lunges left (4)
Knee up left (2)
Slide left (2)
2 knee ups right (4)
Single step back right left (4)
Cha cha samba right (4)
Step left, 2 right hamstring curls (4)
Step right, 2 left hamstring curls (4)

*) Knee up Grapevine is a grapevine that you do twice slower counts, and give a knee up in every step.

Try it, keep working out, n have fun!


Enak mana? Dunkin donuts apa Latree Donuts? Latree Donuts...!!!!
Itu kata anak-anakku lho... Padahal suer, aku bukan jago masak. Nggak bisa masak malah. Tapi donatku selalu laris di kalangan anak-anakku sendiri.... Cobain deh!

Which one do you prefer? Dunkin donuts or Latree Donuts? Latree Donuts!!!
well, that's my kids said. Swear, I'm not a good cookie, not a cookie at all. But my donuts is always my kids favorite... try it!

Bahan/what you need:
500gr terigu cakra( flour);
2 kuning telur (egg, just the yellow part);
50 gr gula pasir (sugar);
2 sdm mentega (margarine);
180cc air (water);
7gr ragi instan (yeast).

Cara membuat:
Campurkan terigu, gula, mentega, ragi. Setelah rata, tambahkan kuning telur dan air, adoni sampai kalis. Diamkan 20 menit, tutup dengan plastik. Setelah mengembang, kempeskan (ditinju aja, ini bagian paling menyenangkan!). Bagi menjadi 25-30 bagian, bulatkan, diamkan 5 menit. Bentuk lobangnya, diamkan 15 menit. Goreng dengan api kecil-sedang.

How to make it:
Mix flour, sugar, margarine, and instant yeast. When it is mixed well, add to it the egg and water, mix again until it's no longer sticksy to your hand. Let it stay for 29 minutes, cover it with plastic. It well grow, and ready to pucnh (this is the best part of making donut!). Divide in 25-30 pieces, make a ball of each piece. Let it stay for another 5 minutes. Now make the holes, let it stay 15 minutes more. Fry them in small fire.

Dimakan langsung enak, dikasih topping atau ditaburi gula lebih enak lagi.....
You can eat it right away, or put some toppings for a better results....