Sunday, June 26, 2016

Miracle Before My Eyes

They're about the same age. Aik was born 14 days after my brother's son. I think it was natural for me to expect average growths and developments on them. But what how would it feel when you finally found that your baby is delayed?

It was frustrating, at first, only to see my boy's delayed development. And it became even more when people started to compare him with his cousin. For quite a while I felt uncomfortable every time I had to visit my parents and met my brother, and his son - who grew amazingly as an energetic and smart boy. 
It took time. But I have come to a point, after a long struggle, to accept Aik's condition and focus on helping him instead of thinking about what people say about him. I've learned to ignore whatever makes me uncomfortable about raising Aik. This way I live my life more peacefully. I can love him fully and cherish every progress Aik makes, that looks little for other people but some times is a leap for me.

Until few months ago, these two little miracles still couldn't really get along together. They were like living in two different worlds. I can understand how my brother's son see Aik is different, and how hard it was for him to get in touch. But there was a progress, a leap, that now they can play together although language is still a barrier.
Magic happens anytime, anywhere, if you can see. There are miracles before your eyes, if you believe.