Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Love You More.

We have two guitars at home. I named my own 'David' and the other one that I've handed over to Ibit is 'Jasmine'. I let Ibit to play with either one, at home. Every one can feel that David is more comfortable to hold and play with. But any time Ibit needed to bring a guitar to school, I told her to just bring Jasmine. David has far better quality, and is much (yes much) more expensive than Jasmine. 

This morning she said she needed to bring her guitar.

"Use the bag," I said.
"Wich bag?"
We only have one guitar bag, and I usually use it to cover David.

"That, bag."
"David's inside. I'll just carry Jasmine."
"Get David out. Or... Just bring David."
"Really? I can bring David?"

Her eyes was shining bright, she looked so happy to be allowed to.

"Don't leave him at school.."
"No I won't. I promise! I will never leave David at school!"

I love David much. I take care of him as how any musician takes care of their instrument. I do my best to protect him from scratch, bump, water, humidity. I have protected him from my worries of all those harms by not letting Ibit bring him to school. Not because I don't trust Ibit. But because I don't know how her friends would treat him, they might not understand the bond I and David have.

Ibit understands this. And she was okay with that.

But I love Ibit more. It felt so good, so great, to see her all cheered up.