Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The 'Everything'

If you asked me, who the one I love most in the world is, the answer would be 'Bapak'. My father.

He is my hero. My guidance. My teacher. He shows me directions. He is the one who taught me painting. He 's the best story teller. He's my inspiration. The answer to any questions. He's everything that flows in my blood.

It's breaking my heart watching him grow old losing his abilities one by one. Slowly losing sight, hearing, strength. It's cutting my throat hearing him saying, "I just hope that death comes to me before I become totally blind"

I know the time will come though still don't know when. And I hope we still have much time. Coz I'm not ready; and it's killing me; thinking about losing him...

So I'll just pray for his health. And hope he will not totally lose his sight...

I love you, Bapak.

Friday, August 19, 2011

the annual thing

this is something different for some thing happens annual


I get the #1 edition of tabloid 'IBU' for free. it's published every 20 august.

a description
Ibu is our female parent. the one who gives us birth. a bank of love with lots of interest. some one with no other one 

experiences with Ibu
Ibu and I often go to Raden Saleh Cultural Park to practice singing, or some times she practices while a go to the library. few years ago I accompanied her doing exercise. that was when she took a course to be a good aerobic instructor. I joined doing the exercises and that's why I can do flexible thing with my body. we do lots of 'girl-time' together. and I'm so thankful for she's made me some one useful.


a thank you
thank you for teaching me singing, the thing I love most in the world. I'm so happy to be a girl who loves to sing. THANK YOU FOR DELIVERING ME TO THIS WORLD! 

a short message
may Allah bless Ibu

a party  
with the whole family -- and Nanny


a voucher  
for seven times helping Ibu doing office works

published by ibit sukma production

and I am so grateful to have such a daughter.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Comfort

Did I say it was my bracelet that comforts him?

I tried to put it on his wrist but he didn't like it. And I couldn't wear it again because I cut it short.

So I just put it away and thought it was a good idea not to let him have any specific comforting thing.

But I just found out few days ago, that, he found another comfy.

That BIG red blanket.

Ah. Let it be...Even if I will have to bring it when we need to sleep over at my parents this Eidl Fitri.

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Monday, August 8, 2011

The Teen and I

God must had a reason to put our birthdays close to each other
And I see so many parts of me inside her
She's now a teen, and still I grow older
Yet some times I feel she's my mother
And I'm her naughty daughter

Happy (becoming) birthdays to us, dear
Forgive me for so many times still disappoint you.