Friday, August 19, 2011

the annual thing

this is something different for some thing happens annual


I get the #1 edition of tabloid 'IBU' for free. it's published every 20 august.

a description
Ibu is our female parent. the one who gives us birth. a bank of love with lots of interest. some one with no other one 

experiences with Ibu
Ibu and I often go to Raden Saleh Cultural Park to practice singing, or some times she practices while a go to the library. few years ago I accompanied her doing exercise. that was when she took a course to be a good aerobic instructor. I joined doing the exercises and that's why I can do flexible thing with my body. we do lots of 'girl-time' together. and I'm so thankful for she's made me some one useful.


a thank you
thank you for teaching me singing, the thing I love most in the world. I'm so happy to be a girl who loves to sing. THANK YOU FOR DELIVERING ME TO THIS WORLD! 

a short message
may Allah bless Ibu

a party  
with the whole family -- and Nanny


a voucher  
for seven times helping Ibu doing office works

published by ibit sukma production

and I am so grateful to have such a daughter.


dp said...

very touching

mizan said...

*mbrebes mili*

nopek said...

apik yooo..

met ultah ibu, jangan nakal lagi ya yahh....#lho

didut said...

kinda cool ^^ I think you already succeed as mom this way hihi~

lawabiroe said...

*habis tisyu sebungkus*

Anonymous said...

Ibittttt :)
aku jatuh cinta padamu

Ceritaeka said...

Meleleh.. so sweeet banget

Jaya Suwana said...

Can i order the 2nd edition of 'Ibu' Tabloid? And how much the price?