Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Telepathy

I and Mel have been bloggie friends since 2008. I forgot how we found each other. But however, now as we no longer blog as much as we used to, we're still connected on Facebook.

Mel and I have daughters of the same age, Emma and Ibit. Couple years ago they wrote letters each other. It was interrupted when Mel's family had to move from Oregon to where they live now. I completely understand.

Few days ago Ibit said she wanted to start writing letters to Emma again. I said i had to ask Mel their new address. Guess I was too busy, I forgot to.

Today when I got home I found a letter laid on the table. It was from Emma for Ibit. Oh wow. I felt so guilty. I thought Ibit has contacted Mel through my FB to ask their new address. Turned out she hasn't. She even was so surprise to receive the letter. And happy.

I think it is cute. Sweet. How Emma and Ibit are connected in a way I don't understand. I mean, as long as I know Emma closed her blog for family and doesn't have FB account.

Ibit said it was like a telepathy. No, off course it is not. Whatever it is, it's great. I know it might sounds like an impossible dream but, I hope one day our families will have a chance to meet up. Amin.