Sunday, June 4, 2017

What I Want to Be When I Grew Up.

Some kids have many answers, they change on the way as they see more professions. When I was a kid most answers from my friends were doctor, police officer, teacher, pilots, soldier, engineer. I can't remember mine though :))
I read somewhere in the Elementary School Garduation Book of my twin boys, Ar wrote he wanted to be a chef and Ir wanted to be a fireman. I wonder if they were serious but they just laughed, "I just wrote whatever crossed my mind."
Many parents may think being a chef or a fireman is not a cool idea. Not even good. Being an employee with a good career still seems to be what most parents want for their children. A certain salary, and status. But I think it is cool to want something out of the box.
Every Ramadhan my kids want us to make cookies (especially nastar) and it's not for Eid because they usually out before Eid. And we don't make it out of Ramadhan, because we want to keep it special that way.
Yesterday Ar asked me, "Are we making nastar this year?"
I have bought some ingredients but still haven't got the spirit to work on them. But I saw the enthusiasm in his question, so I answered, "Yes, I'm ready if you are."
I was still doing something with my sewing project, I asked him to start the cookie project. So while I was finishing mine, he started measuring and mixing and soon done with the dough. All by himself.
I and Ir helped him a little molding and baking the cookies.
I am not saying this is a sign. I'm just glad that my son is doing this happily. He might become a chef one day. That'll be cool.