Thursday, December 26, 2013

Not Normal

He is 'not normal' I know. Still I would get mad so bad if someone dare to say that before my face. It is very clear and I don't need any more people to tell. It doesn't help to make him 'normal'. It doesn't help at all. It doesn't make me feel better, at all. 

He's 'not normal' I know. And therefor my love for him is more than normal. And I would do anything I can to help him live normally.

It is boring to be normal, anyway. He's special like any other kids be. He's special and you can't deny it.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Media

It is always a little bit harder to find a method (and media) for Dek Ai to learn things. It is also a little bit harder to ask him to hold a pen or pencil and scratch.

I just found that this one works quite well. Pencils on floor and he started to 'draw' a ball. I drew some stuffs and numbers, and there he started to recognize number 1 to 3.

We'll keep working on this, for sure :D