Saturday, March 20, 2010

it's that simple

I could say they are trouble maker
(which they some times are)

but I'd rather say they are my life brightener

happy birthday Ar and Ir

I didn't make the cake beautiful so you will believe if I said I made it by my self. I swear I did.
*a classic excuse*

Thursday, March 18, 2010

the massage

Last Tuesday was a holiday. We went to Taman KB. I can translate it to 'Family Planning Park'. No it has nothing to do with families' plans or contraception. It's just a name the government gave, as Family Planning is one of the government development programs.
Selasa lalu libur, kami jalan-jalan ke Taman KB. Iya, KB yang keluarga berencana itu. Ngga ada hubungannya dengan kegiatan perKBan. Hanya namanya saja begitu, bikinan pemerintah.

But I do agree that this park is a fun place for families to spend time. There are plants, fountains, fish pool, and children play ground. But this time I want to talk about this patterned stone path. What, do you think, these people are enjoying?
Tapi emang asik sih, ngajak keluarga main ke situ. Teduh karena banyak pohon, ada kolam ikan, pancuran dan taman bermain untuk anak. Tapi kali ini aku tertarik membahas trek kerikil ini. Menurutmu, apa yang sedang dilakukan orang-orang ini?

May be they were watching their children playing around the park?
Yeah may be, that would be a nice side activity to the main one.
Watch closer, and this is how the stones were arranged building the beautiful pattern.
Mungkin mereka sedang mengawasi anak-anak bermain?
Bisa, itu bisa jadi aktivitas sampingan.
Perhatikan, begini lho batu-batu kecil itu disusun membentuk pola canti di jalur jalan itu...

And try to walk on it barefoot. Ouch... hurts.
Coba deh berjalan di atasnya, telanjang kaki. Aduh... sakit.

That's why they have these bars on its side. For people to hold on.
Itu sebabnya di salah satu sisinya dipasang pegangan.

Why would people hurt themselves standing and walking on the path then? Because it is believed that the stones will do a massage to you feet. A massage called 'reflection massage'. If you are hurt on some parts of your feet, means you have something wrong inside your body. Massaging your feet will cure it if you do it constantly.
Lalu kenapa orang mau menyakiti kaki mereka jalan-jalan di jalur berkerikil itu? Karena, batu-batu itu akan memijat kaki kita. Pijat refleksi. Kalo ada bagian kaki kita yang sakit, tandanya ada yang salah dengan organ tubuh kita. Sakit itu akan sembuh kalau kita rajin pijat refleksi.

No matter how it hurts, my children still can find a fun thing to do about it. A race.
Walaupun sakit, tetep aja ada hal menyenangkan yang dilakukan anak-anak. Balapan.

Can you handle it?

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

the style

aren't they beautiful?
yes they are

and these ones are pretty!
uhm... yes off course

but I'll stick with these ones, thank you

they really fit me.

oh yes, they do.

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Thursday, March 4, 2010

the fingers

amazed me
bikin aku bengong

or should I focus on the coordination between the eyes and the fingers?
atau lebih penting fokus di koordinasi antara mata dan jari?

and oh, meet the owner of the fingers..
dan oh, ini dia yang punya jari...

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