Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Going home from school

Kemaren aku pulang kantor naik bis. Bis impian pasti. Sebelahku seorang gadis kecil, umurnya sekitar 10 tahunan. Kayanya pulang sekolah. Baju batiknya bertulis SD ISLAM SULTAN AGUNG. Waktu aku baru naik dia sedang membaca buku IPA. Sekarang lagi musim tes. Anakku juga lagi tes midsemester.
Yesterday I went home by bus, my dream bus of course. Sat next to me a girl around 10 years old. It seemed like she was going home from school. I could read what was written on her batik shirt: SD ISLAM SULTAN AGUNG. When I got in the bus, she was reading science book. This is exam season. My daughter is having mid semester test too.
Tidak lama dia ketiduran, bukunya terjatuh dari tangganya, dia tergagap lalu menutup dan meletakkan bukunya, lalu tidur beneran. Kayanya capek baget... Setelah perjalanan separo lebih aku pengin bangunin, takutnya dia kebablasan. Tapi gak tega, tidurnya enak banget. Untungnya dia sudah bangun sendiri sesaat sebelum dia sampai di halte tempat dia harus turun.
Not so long, she fell asleep. Her book fell. She hawed and put her book in her bag, and continued sleeping. Sleeping so sound. After few minutes, I wanted to wake her up, just to remind her where she would stop, but I couldn’t, she slept too sound. Alhamdulillah she woke up just few seconds before the bus stop she had to drop.
Jadi inget diriku jaman dulu. Waktu SD, aku berangkat dan pulang sekolah jalan kaki, sekitar 2 km. Setelah SMP - SMA naik bis. Sekarang, aku gak tahu apa aku tega nyuruh anakku berangkat dan pulang sekolah sendiri naik kendaraan umum. Kalau harus nyeberang jalan ngeri, lalu lintas gila-gilaan. Jadi anak-anak tak titipin mobil antar jemput sekolah. Insya Allah aman. Mungkin nanti kalau mereka sudah agak besar... biar pada naik angkutan...
She reminded me of how I was. When in Elementary School, I went school on foot, walked about 2 km. In high school I went by bus. Now I don’t know if I can tell my children to go to school that way. Traffic’s just too crazy; they have to walk across a crowded road. So I let them go and home with school car that pick them up every morning and drive them home in the afternoon. Insya Allah they will be safe. May be later, when they grow a little bigger, I’ll let them go by bus...

Monday, October 29, 2007


It's raining now. It's been raining since the latest days of ramadhan. Not everyday, but rain has wetted the soil, and it smells so good.
When I was in school, I learned that rain should fall between October-April. Climate has slide a bit I guess. I remember my first child was born in August. In her age of two months I was busy wash n drying her clothes and layette, it was starting rainy around September.
The good thing of this late rain season is, we finished repairing our roof. I can not imagine if it is still open and rain falls... The window on the east sides isn't finish yet, so some water poured in last night. I put a curtain to make the water flow down to the floor, and catch it with some mop-cloth. Alhamdulillah the rain wasn't too long. I will have the handyman to finish it today.
I can't wait to see the rainbow in Ibit's room...


This is a recipe I got from some other blog. I'll try it someday.

Sesame Chicken
(feeds family of 6 plus some leftovers)
To be served with steamed rice or Chinese noodles, or both!

Ingredients you will need:
4 or 5 boneless chicken breasts, cut into 1 ½ inch pieces(If I am having a large gathering or luncheon, I will use 12 chicken breasts)
All-purpose flour
1 egg
Corn starchBaking powder
Soy Sauce
Sesame Oil
WaterGround ginger (optional)
Chicken stock or chicken broth cubes
2 or 3 garlic cloves, smashed with a mortar and pestal
Hot red pepper (can be from a jar or if you can get a hold of some Chinese red peppers, then by all means do so)
White Vinegar
Sugar (white or brown)
Oil for frying
Sesame seeds (untoasted)

Step by step:
1. Take your cut chicken pieces and place them in a large mixing bowl. Prepare to get your fingers messy. On top of the chicken, add ¾ to 1 cup of flour, 3 tablespoons of corn starch, 2 tsp. of baking powder, 3 to 4 tbsp of soy sauce, a few sprinkles of ground ginger, 6 to 8 drops of sesame oil, 1 egg, and ½ cup of water. Begin mixing the mixture with your hands, making sure the wet and dry ingredients blend together to make a thick paste-like coating. Add more water and/or more flour if necessary. Your goal here is to coat the pieces so that when they are fried, the batter around them will be uniform. Once the consistency is right (like thick pancake batter), place chicken and batter in the fridge and let it sit for at least 20 minutes. Go wash your hands. While the chicken is marinating, prepare your sauce.
2. In a medium sauce pot, bring to a boil one cup of chicken broth. (this can be something you already have on hand, or use a maggi cube, whatever) When the broth is boiling, add to it 1 cup of sugar and ¼ to ½ of a cup of white vinegar. Mix well. Turn heat to low, and allow the sugar and vinegar to jive nicely in the broth. Then add a few drops of sesame oil, the smashed garlic cloves and (depending on how hot you like it) add 1 to 3 tsp. of hot pepper sauce or hot chili peppers or dried hot red peppers. Do not try to substitute w/ cayenne. Mix well and allow mixture to simmer on low for 5 minutes. Then with a ladle, take a ladle-full of the sauce out and place it in a small bowl. Whisk into this sauce about 3 tbsp. of cornstarch, until dissolved. Place whisked mixture back into the sauce. Stir well. Allow to simmer for 10 minutes or until thick (honey-like). Remove from heat. The house is starting to smell good now.
3. In a large frying pan, heat oil (about 1-inch thick). Peanut oil is the best for frying because of its high smoke-point, but I’d have to sell my grandma to afford peanut oil in Jordan. Use whatever you like. Once the oil is HOT, begin dropping each piece of chicken INDIVIDUALLY into the oil. They will quickly puff up and begin to brown. Remove chicken from the oil using a slotted (metal) spoon once it is thoroughly browned and done. It will have a nice tan color…not too brown but not pale either. (see picture) Allow chicken to drain on paper towels until all chicken has been cooked.Place the chicken in a beautiful serving dish and pour the sauce on top; mix. Sprinkle chicken with lots of sesame seeds. Serve and enjoy.


Wonogiri was known as a dry land. Full of calcic mountain and lack of water. Alhamdulillah my home wasn’t that bad. I never experienced that kinda lack of water, that I should walk kilometers away to get water and carry it pail by pail. The worst thing was we couldn’t use water as freely as before.
But this dry problem wasn’t only the problem of my home town. I went to some places and saw the same thing. Rice fields that usually green and goldy yellow at rain season, were all turned into brown view.

I went to Waduk Gajahmungkur (Gajahmungkur Dam) on third of Syawal. It’s a tourism object in our town. I’m so proud of it. Over 100 villages in over 10 districts were drawn during the project building it. Offcourse the people who lived there have already been moved to some other places. It’s a large manmade lake. It (was designed to) irrigate thousand hectares of rice fields, and generate some electricity supply for the town. I went there so often.

The dam was so large, it has many beautiful parts and I love them all. It has a camping ground near by. It has a port for fishermen and tourist. It has a park that called ‘plaza’.
When I was in kindergarten, my father had this hobby, fishing. He took me fishing on it edges. At the port, under the bridge, near the river. One day I’ll never forget, our family took a picnic to its plaza. We went there riding 2 old vespas, bring some food – rice, satay, fruits, drinks. We were not a rich family, a simple picnic like that was a great thing to remember for a kid like me.
When I was in high school, I often went there alone or with a friend riding motorbike. We did nothing, just sit there under any tree, and enjoy the view, the wind, and the coolness.
Even when I finally lived away from my hometown, I still always tried to visit it when ever I went home.
Like this Iedul Fitri. I and my sisters and brother, and all my nieces and nephews, went there to have some fun. Well, we had it. Only it was so sad to see what the dam has become to be. The water level decreased to an unimaginable level.
See the port over the people?
Now boats started to go from about 4 meters below it

This is a view of a part of the dam's edge, close to the intake. The water level got lower and lower, met the bad sedimentation that's up to 3.000.000 m3 provided this (it's reported to be 130,5 meters height). This boat was used to go to that island over there. Now you can go there by car.
In a normal water level, I would have met nila and karper fish.

Where will we go? Uncle Ibot, push the boat to water please...

I'm glad I could still find a green part of this sad thing.....
People who live around the dam plant corn on the sediment as the substitute of fish... It's exotic, really.
Perum Jasa Tirta is right now dredging the sediment. They've got 20.000 m3 of 80.000 target. During the sediment-dredging, the dam is closed, irrigation system below the dam is repaired, the illegal intakes are cut.

Now I know why the rice fields look like this at the lower course. Some farmer are still trying to plant rice, while waiting for rain to fall over their field and fill the dam, they make drilled-wells near to their field to supply the water needs.


The forest was my childhood playground. I went there with my friends after school to find some wild fruits, to find some unique shaped branches, or just to hang around.
On day two Iedul Fitri, it was so hot at home so I asked my husband to go there to find some cool places. But this is what I found ….

No trees you can rest under. I mean you can rest under any trees, but the trees don’t have leaves. What’s so cool about it?

I pray for rain to soon fall over Wonogiri….


Whuah!!!! Great Iedul Fitri

Ied was great. Our family together. I can see my parents are happy. Ibu, as usual got hypertention. Her 10 grandchildren has brighten up the house, and ruining it at the same time. Ho.. ho.. they ran here and there. They fought, they laughed, they cried, they yelled, they scream...

Ied at my husband's family couldn't get any 'worse'. We visit every body who has relation with my parents in law. I always had trouble to remember who is whose who. Alhamdulillah, this is my eightth years doing this, I think I get better each year :)).

My First day work
Which was 22 October. I was overloaded with jobs I left for two weeks during Ied holiday. I sat in front of my computer all day long. I really had no time to peek any pages other than my job. I even got home after maghrib, tired. Everything was should be ready by, as usual, ‘this afternoon’. It was painful all over my body, stiff in every joint and muscle, ooooohhhhh. I got home to take bathe and go straight to my bed… This happened for the whole week. :(

My First aerobic - after almost two months off
It was a low low low low low impact, done in my first Friday morning at work, in the backyard of my office. Felt so hard, but I felt fresh after doing it. Sweat was good. Stretches has loosen my muscles. Steps have relieved my stress. Tired of having exercise is fun, much better than working …:)

My First Swim – after at least two months off
I used to do at least 200m. Not much, but that’s my portion. But this time, I gave up before 100. My chest was like pressed. I couldn’t control my breath. I was even twisted, couldn’t control my balance…

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


PETALS (Mariah Carey)

I've often wondered if there's ever been a perfect family
I've always longed for undividedness and sought stability
a flower tought me how to pray
But as I grew that flower changed
She started flailing in the wind, like golden petals scattering

And I miss you dandelion, I even love you
And I wish there was a way for me to trust you
Coz it hurts me everytime I try to touch you
But I mis you dandelion, I even love you

I gravitated towards to patriarch sp young predictably
I was resigned to spend my life with a maze of misery
A boy and girl befriended me
we're bonded through despondency
I stayed so long but finally I fled to save my sanity

And I miss you little sis and little brother
And I hope you realize I'll always love you
And although you're struggling you will recover
And I miss you little sis and little brother

So many I considered closest to me
Turned on a dime and sold me out dutifully
Although that knife is chipping away at me
They turned their eyes away and went home to sleep

And I miss a lot of life, but I'll recover
Though I know you really like to see me suffer
Still I wish that you and I'd forgive each other
Coz I miss you valentine, and really love you

I really loved you
I tried so hard
But you drove me away
And I found a strength to break away

I guess a have a happy family, I don't know how a perfect one is
My sisters and brothers have also fown away like the dandelions petals
But Insya Allah we'll meet next week
In Iedul Fitri...


Monday, October 8, 2007


Some people told me to wear shirts with horizontal stripes. It will help me to look a little 'fuller'. But I don't think so. It will only make me look like one of The Daltons.... :)) Nothing can help me to, I'm just too skinny. I'm okay with that.... few days ago I saw a picture of a fotomodel from US. Her body's just like mine. I have a fotomodel body.....
Yesterday I got a chance to go to a mall. I needed to buy my children and nieces and nephews some new clothes for Iedul Fitri. What I saw was stripes everywhere. Everybody wore horizontal striped shirts! Not only the skinny, but also the 'big' ones. Ooooh... look what fashion has turned us to be! My husband will have troubles to find me in a mall if I do as they say, wear stripes...
So after I finished the childrens stuff, I pick for my self a white blouse with some embroidery on the neck, it look nice on me.


This dry season is so bad. It's really hot, and seem like never ending. Sawm in these days really challenging. Alhamdulillah we can get through it.
We're about to have water crisis. Our well doesn't give as much water as usual. We have to use water thriftily. I had to carry water pail by pail from my neighbor's well. Quite heavy... I only used to lift barbels of 2kgs...
Last night the sky was cloudy. And the wind blew so har. It was even thundery. I expected rain would fall. But no... it was only drizzling. Well, better than nothing. I hope the rain come soon.

Thursday, October 4, 2007


Alhamdulillah I'm still here
And I don't want to go nowhere else

Give me strength to stand till the end
Don't let me be weak
'Coz the strength is YOURS...

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Four Blind Men and Elephant

There were four blind men. They've been blind since they were born. They've really never seen anything in their life. There is some thing they really curious about. It's the big animal elephant.
One day, a friend of theirs, who isn't blind, took them to the zoo so they can meet an elephant. Blind 1 touches the elephant's hose and says: elephant's not big.
Blind 2 touches the ear and says: it's something lika a fan to me.
Blind 3 touches the body and says: it is big... it's lilka a wall....
Blind 4 touches the tail and says: i think it's like a rope, so small....

Note: you cannot judge a thing only by knowing a part of it. You need to hear the whole sentence to understand the meaning, listening to only a part of it will give you a different meaning, it might brings you to prejudices......

Last One Third

Ramadhan’s running out. I haven’t finished reading Qur’an. I still got to 7th juzz, and I have missed 7 days coz having my ‘official break’.
My twin boys seem so hard doing sawm. Days getting hotter these last few days. I can’t see them drying, so I let them drink water (not anything else) at noon. It’s just a practice for them anyway, and they’re just 4 years old. Alhamdulillah their elder sister can bear it. She washes her face whenever see feels thirsty, and then sleeps or reads something. I proud of her effort to succeed fasting until maghrib.
People don’t seem to get the soul of Ramadhan. Do I? Everybody’s busy preparing this and that for Iedul Fitri. Advertisings everywhere using Iedul Fitri as a moment. Clothes, biscuits, syrups, cars... Attracts people to come to stores and malls, spending time shopping for the Ied day.
Mosque getting lost jamaah more and more each day. Well, only the surfivors well achieve the victory....
Wow, can I catch up 23 juzzes in this last 9 days? Laziness is still in me….

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Seperti biasa… aku bikin memasak menjadi sederhana, cepat, dan tidak menyusahkan…
Membungkus garang asem itu menyusahkan…
Jadi aku bikin seperti ini:

As usual, I make cooking simple, quick, not hard. Wrapping Garang Asem is hard, so I make it like this:

Sambil mendidihkan 500ml air, iris tipis 3 siung bawang putih dan 5 siung bawang merah. Potong-potong 3 buah cabe hijau besar dan 3 buah tomat hijau. Masukkan semuanya ke dalam air, plus 2 lembar daun salam dan sepotong lengkuas yang dimemarkan. Jangan lupa masukkan selembar (atau sesobek?) daun pisang yang sudah dicuci bersih. Nah ini untuk membuat aroma daun pisang tetep hadir walau tidak ada acara bungkus-membungkus...
While boiling 5ooml of water, slice 3 garlics, 5 shallots, 3 big green chilli, and 3 green tomatoes. Put it into water plus 2 salam leaves and a piece of lengkuas. also put a slice of clean washed banana leave to keep its aroma exist, eventhough you dont wrap the chicken with it.

Setelah air mendidih masukkan 1/2kg ayam yang sudah dipotong sesuai selera. Juga masukkan 50gr gula jawa dan 1/2 sdt garam. Masukkan 300 ml santan, aduk terus supaya santan tidak pecah.
As the water is boiled, put in 500grs of cut chicken. Add 50grs of brown sugar and a half teaspoon of salt. Last, add 300ml of coconut milk, stir to keep coconut milk suspensed.
Tunggu sampai ayam empuk, jadilah...
Wait until the chicken is well cooked, and there you go....


I read an article about The New Seven Wonders that based up on a poll among people over the world. Was it really all people over the world, or just a part of them?

When I was in Elementary school, until in High School, I knew that Borobudur Temple and Pyramid were included in. And I think these two temples are wonders. Well, may be Borodudur Temple is less greater than Pyramid. Since Pyramid was built thousand years BC, with complicated rooms of faraoh's grave.

Borobudur Temple was built in 7-8th century. And it's quite complicated to me. All over the temple's wall, is relief tells the story Mahabharata, from beginning to the end. It' has five levels with different idea in each level. It has at least 900 statues of Budha in many different positions. Well, they're all sitting, but if you see it well, you'll find the different pose of the palms and the eyes, really... The stones were put together using eggs as glue (mmmm.... how many tons of eggs they have used?) It's beautiful!!
I have visited it three times, and no refuse to visit it more...

I hope I can visit Pyramid one day... coz I think it's wonderful...

Unfortunately, both Pyramid and Borobudur temple are no longer parts of seven wonders. And for exchange, is a statue that was built in 20th century. O please.... by the time, man can build almost anything they wish using the knowledge of concretes and steels and anything...

Man have 'fly' by the time.... Why don't make planes as wonders as well?

Monday, October 1, 2007


There is a bus that brings me a little closer to my dream of transportation

Most city buses are small sized. Rusty-body with holes here and there. Sounds terrible. Black smoke blow behind. Hot inside. Full of passengers, even stand hanging on bars on the bus ceiling. The worst part: smoking passengers, like the air isn't dirty enough for us to breathe in.

This bus of my dream....
Big. Aircond. Music. Standing passengers don't spend all space in the bus. And for all those comforts, I only need to pay 20% more than the ordinary buses.

Busway goes in Jakarta...
It's coming up in Yogya...
I wait for it to run in Semarang...