Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Last One Third

Ramadhan’s running out. I haven’t finished reading Qur’an. I still got to 7th juzz, and I have missed 7 days coz having my ‘official break’.
My twin boys seem so hard doing sawm. Days getting hotter these last few days. I can’t see them drying, so I let them drink water (not anything else) at noon. It’s just a practice for them anyway, and they’re just 4 years old. Alhamdulillah their elder sister can bear it. She washes her face whenever see feels thirsty, and then sleeps or reads something. I proud of her effort to succeed fasting until maghrib.
People don’t seem to get the soul of Ramadhan. Do I? Everybody’s busy preparing this and that for Iedul Fitri. Advertisings everywhere using Iedul Fitri as a moment. Clothes, biscuits, syrups, cars... Attracts people to come to stores and malls, spending time shopping for the Ied day.
Mosque getting lost jamaah more and more each day. Well, only the surfivors well achieve the victory....
Wow, can I catch up 23 juzzes in this last 9 days? Laziness is still in me….

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