Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Finale (?)

They say February is a month of love. But I experienced broken heart several times instead.

I had to let go Peggy,  me beloved ride, for particular reason. She's healthy. There's nothing wrong with her, unless, we had to choose to keep her or Livy. We thought having two cars in a house would be too much. As we have 6 family members, Peggy would be to small for all. So we decided to keep Livy.

How ever it wasn't easy. We asked a friend to take care everything. The time I got the news, that Peggy was sold, I cried. She was more than a ride. She was a part of me. I and her understood each other. With her I could run fast and always feel safe. It's not that Livy is not safe. It's just, I don't feel any bond with it.

The other heart breaking moment is today as I visited Sunday Scribblings. It's February 2014 and I just found out that it has stopped prompting at December 2013. I know I haven't been participating for over two or three years. I some times stopped by and walk around the link. Today I'm doing it to find it's 400th post, that be the last.

I used to participate regularly around 2007-2008 when I started blogging. I needed some thing to start writing. And I needed to communicate with other bloggers, them who I found on the links. I can't remember exactly when I stopped participating. It's been a long time.

Still it is sad to see some thing good has to end up. I see many people have been 'faithful' being parts of the prompts. So far. Until 400.


Life wouldn't end up just because I lost Peggy, and Sunday Scribblings no longer prompting. This is my new part of life: without Peggy, nor, new prompts from Sunday Scribblings. An ending of a scene has always been a new beginning to a new one.

Friday, February 7, 2014

I hate it when...

...they wear the same clothes.

Most mothers would dress up their twins, or triplet, or more, with 'uniforms'. It's like every set of twin have to. Even my neighbor who has a set of boy-girl twin sew clothes for them herself. Because it is difficult to find same clothes for both boy and girl. Oh, c'mon.

While I, I chose to dress my twin different. I never bought them the same clothes. If those were the same model, they must be different color. Same color, different model. This is to ease myself identifying, as they are like congruent shapes. You barely can see the differences in a flash, or unless you look closely. So I've made a kind of code since they were babies. Ar doesn't have red clothes, Ir doesn't have blue ones. When you see one of them from afar, wearing red, it is Ir. 

But however, the thought that twins should wear uniforms keeps staying in most minds. My siblings, my parents, my in laws, my family; every time they bought my twins some clothes, they are always the same. Thank you very much. For that I made a rule. They can have same clothes but not to wear at the same time. That way, if we go together some where, and for any reason the children spread out or walk separate ways, I would know both twins are still around. Imagine they wear their uniform. You look one way and see one. Few minutes later you look the other way and see one. Can you be sure that you just have seen both? Not one kid who's just run from one spot to another?

Yes that's why I hate it when they wear the same clothes. I talk to Ar and he doesn't answer. Then I start adding my voice volume and that boy answer, "I am Ir. Ar is taking his bath." Ouch.

Now which one is Ar, which one Ir? Just call their names and they will answer :D

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Dek Aik's in Love with Numbers

This is what I hoped I would see when I gave him cards of numbers.

He might not be able, yet, to mention the words. Speaking is still his biggest problem we have to slowly together keep working on. But he now knows numbers from 1-10. I think it is a big achievement for him. Well, as most people around us have always underestimated him.

After this I hope he will understand the concept of numbers and amounts.