Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Went to Snow world last Sunday...
My children (and husband... ahhm) are here.....!!!! I'm in Yogya, still having my one-month-course, and they visit me....

It was -15 celcius degree... You breathe and fog on your face...
Irsyad couldn't help it. He cried right after we got in. But the rest enjoyed it. Sliding on ice... wuiii!!!
I needed to take a rest (got out for a while) and got in again. It was really cold. How could they live in an iglo?

Not enough with getting frozen in extra large freezer, we try the ice skating arena. Ibit learned fast, while I fell and fell again. So I quit. I guess I'll try it some other time, when I have time for my-very-own. Arsyad and Irsyad got tired-sleepy-hungry I thought, they cried about this and that. So we stopped, had lunch, and back to the hotel.

Well... It was heavy and tiring day. But we had fun... until they had to go back home...

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I'm gonna miss you.....

I will have to leave for a month. Uuuuu.. I imagine it as a year! Leaving my children over nights is still hard for me. I know this is a duty, and thats why I will go anyway. Besides, I hope it will give me more knowledge about my job.

The End....

'Can I speak to Mama Rosa, please?'
'I'm sorry you can't. She doesnt live here anymore.'
Bang! This is what I didn't want to hear.
'But why?'
'I believe she told you why'
'She told me everything was fine, you both have forgive each aother and decided to stay together'
'I wanted to, for my kids, but I can't. She gave me too much lies'
I don't know if I'm ready to hear the rest.
'What do you mean?'
'She didn't tell me the whole story. I heard from peolpe around us but not from her'
'What you heard from other people could be wrong'
'I wished so, but it's true. I've checked it out at the kid's school, and I found she didn't pay to the school the money I've given'
'Just because the money lies?'
'The money lies and other, you dont wanna hear'
I don't.
'I've strengthened my self to take her as the way she was, but cheated me is something I can't bear'
Me neither.
'What about the children?'
'Insya Allah I can take care of them. Being around her mother is not healthy at all for them'
'I hope this is the best decision, I'm really sorry to know this. It's sad'
'It surely is, but I hope you understand'
I do understand how you feel, but I still don't understand her.....

Sunday, August 12, 2007

So Hard....


"I cheated.."
"I dont know..."
"Did your husband treat you bad?"
"Do you think he is responsible?"
"He is..."
"What did he do wrong?"
I look in her eyes, cant believe what I heard. I knew this woman as a good wife and mother. What has crossed her mind when she did that?
"Sis, what should I do?. My husb kick me out"
"He wont do that"
"He already did. He'll divorced me for this"
"And which one do you choose, him, or your other man?"
"I'm so confused..."
"A man who seduced a married woman, surely is not a good man. He's worthless, and I dont think he deserve your choice"
"But he's so gentle, he treated me so sweetly, not like my husband"
"Bull shit! He does that because he wants you for fun"
"He had problems with his wife"
"See? you're just a runaway place"
"You think so?"
"Oh, are you blind? Your husband may not be sweet, but he loves you, and he's been faithful and responsible. He's the one you should run to"
"He doesnt want me anymore"
"Do you still want him?"
"I dare not, after what I did. I was wrong and I'm afraid to go back to him"
She doesnt cry, I wonder. Looks like she'd prefer to divorce and go to her boyfriend.
"What will I be if I divorce?"
"Thats how my husband look at me now. He spilled at me"
"You deserve it. I even think kissing his foot isnt enough for you to apologize to him for what you did"
"And you asked me to choose him?"
"Because only him can make you worth again"
"He doesnt want me anymore. What can I do to make him believe that I want to come back to him?"
"Show him he's all you wanted. And what you did was a mistake. Ignore the man who has ruined your life"

"What if he comes? Can I stand it?"
"That man..."
For Godsake, this woman's really lost her mind...
"If he called, dont answer. If He comes, dont meet him. Tell him to go, if he refused, YOU go"
"Look at my eyes, and tell me now. Which one you choose. Cos if you choose to divorce, there's nothing I can, or I would do. But If you want to stay, do as I say. Show your husband how strong you want to come back, and forget your boyfriend."
"Its easy for you to say this"
"No its not. 'Cos I never expected I would say this to you. I know its hard for you to deal with this, but you have to pay for what you did"

So I leave her standing in front of her house. Her husband will soon come, and I dont know what I would say when he does. I go home and pray, for them to be together again, though I know its so hard for a man to forgive this kinda mistake....