Wednesday, September 19, 2012

the reasons

you once found a reason to give up
one other time you had a reason to give in
but then you find reasons to hold on

life is never easy
and to me 13 never means unlucky
it's a happy anniversary

Monday, September 17, 2012

the class

Did they say 'next month'?
Dek Ai' has been in the queue for speech therapy since April, and the clinic owner said he might be able to start on May or early June. Turned out he had to wait a little longer. We finally started the therapy last week.

After one hour assesment, the therapist have made a program for Dek Ai'. He will have the class three times a week, 90 minutes each, with 60 minutes in the class for the speech and 30 minutes out for his motoric development.

Before getting into the speaking, he still has to learn to obey orders and concentrate to the subjects. So far he still cried quite often in the class, but enjoyed out class session which is more like playing with toys.

I like how the therapists begin and ends every session with prayers...
"Bismillahirrahmanirrahimm, Ya Allah, Dek Aik mau belajar, mudahkanlan, amin"
"Ya Allah, Dek Aik sudah selesai belajar, amin"

He made it through the physiotherapy, and will pass this one too...

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Clowns

They are clowns. Really. And seems like they know how to do each others make up.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Roller Blade Fever

We are having a fever in town: roller blade.
Every night, especially in weekends, Simpang Lima is full of people skating, or learning to. If you don't have roller blades you can simply rent them. Fifteen thousand rupiahs for an hour of a pair of roller blades.
Semarang sedang demam roller blade.
Setiap malam, khususnya di akhir pekan, Simpang Lima penuh dengan mereka yang meluncur, atau sedang belajar. Jika kamu belum punya roller blade sendiri, banyak yang menyewakan di situ. Lima belas ribu rupiah untuk sepasang roller blade selama satu jam.

Oh yes I tried, for five seconds, or less. I put them on my feet, then tried to stand up, then fell, then quit. Guess age talks.
Aku mencoba, lima detik, atau kurang. Aku pakai, lalu coba berdiri, lalu jatuh, lalu sudah. Sepertinya umur bicara.

Ibit needed several times to finally be able to roll. Ar Ir seemed to do it better. It looks like they'll soon be running in those little wheels. Yeah, may be, after few more tries.
Ibit harus mencoba berkali-kali sebelum akhirnya bisa meluncur. Ar Ir sepertinya melakukannya dengan lebih mudah. Sebentar lagi mereka akan balapan di atas roda-roda kecil itu. Ya, mungkin, setelah mencoba beberapa kali lagi..