Monday, September 17, 2012

the class

Did they say 'next month'?
Dek Ai' has been in the queue for speech therapy since April, and the clinic owner said he might be able to start on May or early June. Turned out he had to wait a little longer. We finally started the therapy last week.

After one hour assesment, the therapist have made a program for Dek Ai'. He will have the class three times a week, 90 minutes each, with 60 minutes in the class for the speech and 30 minutes out for his motoric development.

Before getting into the speaking, he still has to learn to obey orders and concentrate to the subjects. So far he still cried quite often in the class, but enjoyed out class session which is more like playing with toys.

I like how the therapists begin and ends every session with prayers...
"Bismillahirrahmanirrahimm, Ya Allah, Dek Aik mau belajar, mudahkanlan, amin"
"Ya Allah, Dek Aik sudah selesai belajar, amin"

He made it through the physiotherapy, and will pass this one too...


Pim said...

Wah itu shadow-nya Bu Ning yaaa??

Latree said...

iya... sama siapa lagi ya. aku ndak apal, yang kudungan banyak, aku bingung :))