Monday, October 31, 2011

what is wrong?

Today Ar and Ir received the Scout Membership Card.

Ir: they put the wrong picture
Ar: they wrote the wrong name

Ah. It must be so hard to be a set of twins that look so similar.

Monday, October 24, 2011

the profile

Who is the profile of the school magazine this time?

You may say I am now showing you 'this is my girl, look at her, I made her like this'. But all I want to say is that she's brought it all with her when she was born. I'm just a witness. And I don't need to be reminded about this. She, the sensitive buttheaded girl, has always been the profile of my heart.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Sindroma Anak Bungsu

The Youngest Child Syndrome


Ini chat aku dan mbakku, sesaat setelah dia melihat foto ini di gambar profileku.
Dia: akhirnya, kelihatan seperti anak setahun
Aku: padahal sebenarnya satu setengah tahun
Dia: oya? lupa, sori
Aku: gapapa, di mataku dia masih 9 bulan
Dia: sindrom anak bungsu
Aku: opal (opal adalah bungsunya yang berumur 9 tahun) masih 5 tahun ya?
Dia: tiga.

This is a chat of me with my sister, after she saw this as my profile picture
Her: finally, he looks like a year old boy
Me: but he's one and half
Her: really? I forgot, sorry
Me: never mind, he's 9 months in my eyes
Her: youngest child syndrome
Me: Opal (her 9 yrs youngest boy) is five, huh?
Her: three.


Mungkin memang begitu ya, anak bungsu selalu jadi bayi sampai kapan pun. Perlakuan Bapak-Ibu kepada kami anak-anaknya relatif sama, tidak terasa pilih kasih dalam hal apa pun. Tapi memang cukup terasa perlakuan Ibu-ku kepada adik bungsu kami beda. Perhatian Ibu kepadanya, sedikit lebih, jika dibandingkan dengan kepada kami, kakak-kakaknya.
Tapi itu tidak membuat kami cemburu. Setidaknya aku tidak merasa begitu. Dan kurasa saudara-saudaraku yang lain juga maklum saja. Dasar bungsu. Begitu saja.

Maybe that's the way should be. Youngest child always be baby forever. My parents treat us their children relatively the same. We never feel they love any child more than any other. But we can't deny that our mother's attention to our youngest brother, is more than to us the elder children.
However it never makes us jealous. At least I never felt so. And I think my siblings never do either. We just understand it, ah youngest. That's all.

Sampai lebih dari enam tahun, aku tidak punya anak bungsu, yang benar-benar bungsu. Aku cuma punya sulung, dan dua anak kembar yang tidak bisa dibilang mana yang bungsu, karena mereka lahir bareng (ya... selisih enam menit sih). Jadi tidak ada 'bayi' di mataku. Sampai Ai' lahir. Dia (insya Allah) benar-benar bungsu. Dan memang, sampai dia usia sembilan bulan, di mataku dia masih enam bulan. Itu sebab aku terlambat menyadari keterlambatan pertumbuhan dan perkembangannya. Sekarang usianya hampir 17 bulan. Perkembangannya sudah lebih baik, meskipun masih tertinggal dibanding anak seusianya. Percaya atau tidak. Aku masih harus berusaha keras menanamkan di kepalaku, bahwa usianya sudah segitu. Karena di mataku dia bayi sembilan bulan...

For over six years, I didn't have a youngest child, a real youngest child. I only had the eldest, and a set of twin which I can call either one the youngest. I mean, they were born at the same time (with six minutes delay, yes). So there was no 'baby' in my eyes. Until there was Ai'.He (hopefully) will really be my youngest child. And it was true, until he was nine months old, I saw him as a six months baby. That is why it was too late for me to realize his delayed development. Now he's almost 17 months. His development is much better though still delayed, compared to other babies of his age. Believe it or not. I need to always remind my self that he's 17. 'Coz he's nine in my eyes...

Kurasa aku memang mengidap sindroma itu. Sindroma Anak Bungsu. Dan Ai' mungkin akan jadi bayiku selamanya. Semoga tidak membuatku mengesampingkan kakak-kakaknya.

I think I'm having it, Youngest Child Syndrome. And perhaps, Ai' will always be my baby. I hope it won't make me put his siblings aside.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

the name

They look alike a lot, I know. And some times (or often) people get confuse which one is who.

But they are two person with different name.

Last week Ir joined a macapat contest (macapat: javanese traditional singing). They both could have joined the contest but only one student per school allowed. The teacher chose him.

Ir made it to take 2nd place. As usual, every time a student (or school) succeed in a competition, it will be announced on the board.

So funny how their teacher wrote 'Ar' who had took the 2nd place in the contest. I mean, they may confuse calling one. But sending a student to competition should be a certain thing, and recorded; right?

Ir came to the teacher, 'it was me who went to the contest, why is Ar's name on the board?'

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Saturday, October 8, 2011

for bigger or smaller

Same age, same length, different diameter.

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Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Super Woman

My mother is the strongest woman I've ever known. She's a fighter; a survivor.

She's been bearing the weight of life since she was young, until she got married, then had and raised us: her children.

Later in her dawn, she needs to have a therapy for her back twice a week. Still she goes to the orthopedic hospital by bus, alone. It has been going on for the last 6 years.

But you never know what luck brings you. Last week she was on her way to the hospital for the therapy. She just stepped down the bus and about to walk across the street when a kid with a speedy motorbike hit her, right in front of the hospital.

She got fainted for at least 2 hours, before she finally could asked the nurses to call my elder sister.


For two days she had super terrible headache. It was like, she said, the world is turning around and make her sick. Her right leg was broken and needs a surgery. But it can't be done until the headache stops.

Now as the headache is reducing, she can sit up and insists to brush her hair and have her meals by herself. The docs said she's ready for the surgery tomorrow. I hope everything goes well, and my mother soon will be able to run here and there again; like she used to.


Hey little reckless motorbiker kid, you can't beat this strong lady.