Wednesday, October 12, 2011

the name

They look alike a lot, I know. And some times (or often) people get confuse which one is who.

But they are two person with different name.

Last week Ir joined a macapat contest (macapat: javanese traditional singing). They both could have joined the contest but only one student per school allowed. The teacher chose him.

Ir made it to take 2nd place. As usual, every time a student (or school) succeed in a competition, it will be announced on the board.

So funny how their teacher wrote 'Ar' who had took the 2nd place in the contest. I mean, they may confuse calling one. But sending a student to competition should be a certain thing, and recorded; right?

Ir came to the teacher, 'it was me who went to the contest, why is Ar's name on the board?'

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Asop said...

Saya pikir kembar. :D