Saturday, May 31, 2008

so good together

today, me, my parents and all my siblings come together in my sister Non's house. we are here for my youngest brother's proposal. he was to ask a girl to get married with him. the tradition, it is our father should do the proposal, by asking to the girls parents if the girl would marry my brother. that's why our family visit the girls family and do the proposal.
hari ini aku, orangtus dan saudara-saudara ngumpul di rumah kakak perempuanku Non. ada acara lamaran adik bungsuku. kalau menurut tradisinya, bapak yang harus meminta ijin kepada orang tua si gadis untuk boleh dinikahi adikku. karenanya kami sekeluarga mengunjungi keluarga si gadis, silaturahmi dan lamaran

well, the proposal was just a formality, as we all known they both are ready for the marriage. so the visit went well.
sebenarnya, acara lamarannya sendiri cuma formalitas, karena keduanya memaang sudah siap menikah. jadi kunjungannya berjalan lancar dan baik-baik saja

what I love most about us being together is, how we can feel a real togetherness as siblings. talking and laughing about things. remembering moments when we were children, in our old house there in wonogiri. happy sad times shared. the most touching moment today, is when we do sholat maghrib jamaah (doing sholat maghrib together), all of us
yang paling kusukai tentang saat-saat kami ngumpul adalah, kebersaman sebagai saudara kandung. ngobrol dan tertawa tentang banyak hal. mengenang masa kanak-kanak di rumah kami di wonogiri sana. sedih dan bahagia. saat paling menyentuh kali ini adalah, ketika kami sholat maghrib berjamaah, semuanya.

tomorrow everybody will go home to every body's home. good bye is always the worst time in times like these. but I hope we will see each other again, very soon.
besok semua bubar, pulang ke rumah masing-masing. perpisahan adalah saat yang paling 'ogah'. tapi kuharap kami bisa ngumpul lagi, dalam waktu dekat.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

where have I been?

some one thought I don't blog too much because I was sick, and made her so worry about it.
I'm sorry. I was fine. and I'm getting pretty well.

the fact is, which made me feel so guilty, resting in bed for a week, with a laptop on my lap has given me more time for blogging. one day a friend introduced me to a new blog hosting from indonesia. I tried, I made a blog of my random thoughts. and another one about daily stupid things that I write in naughty stupid style. both are in indonesian. well in case you are curious at least how they look like... :D

random thoughts of La

whatever lah!

and also work on my poem blog and my stories blog

I was too busy working on them, and left dandelion uncared for awhile.
I'm sorry dand...
I'am back.

Friday, May 23, 2008


1. Where is your cell phone? .................... floor
2. Your significant other?....................... fun
3. Your hair?.................................... messy
4. Your mother? ................................. strong
5. Your father?.................................. patient
6. Your favorite thing?.......................... sing
7. Your dream last night?........................ freaky
8. Your favorite drink........................... water
9. Your dream/goal?.............................. gym
10. The room you're in?.......................... bedroom
11. Your children?..................................... lovable
12. Your fear?................................... left
13. Where do you want to be in 6 years........... here
14. Where were you last night?................... home
15. What you're not?............................. patient
16. Muffins...................................... chocs
17. One of your wish list items?................. happiness
18. Where you grew up?........................... wonogiri
20. What are you wearing?........................ clothes
21. Your TV?..................................... blaah..!!
22. Your pets?................................... none
23. Your computer? .............................. PC
24. Your life?................................... great
25. Your mood?................................... happy
26. Missing someone?............................. uhm...
27. Your car?.................................... none
28. Something you're not wearing?................ shoes
29. Favorite Store?.............................. ADA
30. Your summer?................................. HOT
31. Like someone?................................ Mom
32. Your favorite color?......................... green
33. Last time you laughed........................ last-night
34. Last time you cried?.........................forgot

another fact about ar ir

today when we learned to read, I brought Ar Ir to get to know a i u e o
hari ini selagi belajar membaca, aku mengenalkan Ar Ir kepada a i u e o

I noticed that Ar learned ba as a unity. so he recognized every single couple of letters.
aku perhatikan Ar melihat ba sebagai satu kesatuan. jadi dia mengenali pasangan huruf.

but Ir, it seemed so hard for him to recognized the letters the way ar did. Ir saw it as b-a = ba. he recognized a i u e o as the shape of his mouth. that way he'd think a second and knew what to say when an f met an a, i, u,e or o.
tapi Ir, kesulitan untuk belajar dengan cara itu. Ir justru melihat b-a = ba. dia mengenali a i u e o sebagai bentuk mulutnya. dengan begitu, dia cukup berpikir sebentar untuk mengetahui apa yang harus diucapkan ketika f bertemu a, i, u, e, atau o

and the interesting thing is, they learn in the different ways, but at the same speed.
dan yang menarik, mereka belajar dengan cara yang berbeda, tapi dalam kecepatan yang sama.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

oseng-oseng buncis udang

greenbean and shrimp oseng-oseng

agak pedes, tapi Ir doyan banget!
it's a little hot, but Ir loved it!

bahan/what you need:

100 grms udang/shrimp ---> bersihkan kulitnya(peel)
200 grms buncis/greenbeans ---> potong 2cm (cut in 1 inch)
3 bawang putih/garlic ---> iris halus (slice)
4 bawang merah/shallot ---> iris halus (slice)
2 cabe merah/red pepper ---> iris halus (slice)
2 cabe hijau/green pepper ---> iris halus (slice)
1 lembar daun salam/salam leaves
1/2 sdt garam /teaspoon salt
1 sdt gula /teaspoon sugar
2 sendok (sp) minyak sayur/vegetable oil
50 cc air/water

cara memasaknya:
panaskan minyak. masukkan berturut-turut bawang putih, bawang merah, daun salam, cabe merah dan hijau. tunggu hingga agak layu dan harum, masukkan udang. tunggu hingga berubah warna, masukkan buncis. tunggu sebentar, tambahkan air, garam, gula. tunggu sebentar. selesai.

how to make it:
heat the oil. put in in order garlic, shallot, salam leave, green and red pepper. wait until they smell good, put in shrimp. wait until it changes color, put in greenbeans. wait, put in water, salt and sugar. wait few minutes. done.

boleh dicoba mengganti gulanya dengan 1 sdm kecap manis. rasanya beda, tapi warnanya akan jadi agak gelap.
you can try to substitute the sugar with 1 spoon full of sweet soy sauce. it will taste different with a darker look.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

beach and sweet thing

my parents are here, and we went to marina beach. not the sandy wavy beach I like, where I can jumped in and splash water. but the air was fresh anyway.

and I found a sweet thing on my father's cellphone. the wallpaper is his picture with my mother.

Friday, May 16, 2008

do you know my dear?

you woke me up
from my apparent death
when everything has no more taste
and lost the sweetness
neither you brought it to me
nor you showed me where it is
you are nothing but a flame
who has brighten up my sight
and accompany my steps
groping in the dark
it's over
please go
thank you
for I have tasted the sweetness
after this I know
there is bitter I have to swallow
but I don't want to let it show

*and I have much more poems*

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

just another tag...

Melissa from are you serious tagged me. she said I didn't have to do this if I didn't want to. how wouldn't I? this is fun!

Here are the rules:
1. Each player answers questions about themselves.
2. At the end of the post, tag 5 people by posting their names.
3.Go to their site/blog and leave a comment telling them they've been tagged. Invite them to your site/blog so they can read the tagged post.
4. Let the person who tagged you know when you've completed your tagged post.

1. What were you doing 10 years ago?
I was in college. studying? no.. dating with Dan. hahaha!

2. What are 5 things on your "To Do" list?

  • finish my last project
  • have another lab check
  • bring my batik my boss bought me to tailor, it's been almost a month staying in my drawer
  • finish reading 'taj mahal'
  • have a great sleep tonight! (OMG, I'm sooo tired...)

3. What are 5 snacks you enjoy? (In no specific order)

  • cassava chips
  • wafer
  • any cookies
  • any fried things (tempe, tahu, banana, bakwan, ah... you might not know them all. but they are so good)
  • banana (can I call it snack?)

4. Name some things you would do if you were a millionaire.
charity for the need, build my own gym, have a band set for my kids (a guitar for Ar, a drum for Ir and a great keyboard for Ibit -- with a complete sound system)

5. Name some places where you've lived.

  • wonogiri
  • semarang
  • that's all
  • :D

6. Name some bad habit you have.

please, do I have to? this is kinda embarassing thing... well... okay I will. here they are:

  • yell too much at my kids
  • delay to do things I have to do
  • spend too much time in front of my computer
  • wake up late in the morning
  • sulk
  • oh no
  • I'm afraid I can not stop
  • too many bad habits
  • oh stop!

7. Name some jobs you've had.

house wife, and a job I don't know how to call. I was in a craft shop doing everything from making to selling. and the job I'm having now.

8. Name those whom you are tagging.

can I tagg everyone? no? okay, I'll name them: angie, burpclothe babe, crazydaisy, diana, carrie.

woo hoo I'm done!

Monday, May 12, 2008

my first award!

May be it sounds silly that I was so excited receiving one.
Thank you so much Crazy daisy who has given me this, I can't tell how happy I am. I would like to give this award to you also, although I know you already got one...
mungkin kedengarannya konyol, tapi aku girang banget menerima award ini.
terimakasih crazy daisy, aku juga memberimu award ini, meskipun kamu udah dapet.

So I had to pick 10 people to pass it along, and I decided to pick these followings. They all have great blogs, just go check out.
jadi aku harus memberikan award ini juga kepada 10 orang lagi. aku pilih nama-nama berikut, liatin deh, blog mereka keren-keren.
bloggers abroad:
- melissa at are you serious
- carrie at keiser family
- casey at quilaotriplet
- jane at hotmamashouse
- diana at forgetfulone
- burpclothebabe at shake rattle and read
- kelli at allknames
bloggers in Indonesia
- evi nasywa at grow and shine
- mlandhing at rumah mlandhing
- venus at venus to mars
hope you like it gals!

Friday, May 9, 2008

safety first

why would you need a helmet to play 'tap a jam' on computer?

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Donuts Donuts and Friday Sholat

I made these this morning

I've written the recipe long ago
I had Ar Ir to go to the mosque and do sholat Jumat (friday sholat). I told them to go with a neighbor. 15 minutes later they got home. There's noway the sholat finished that soon. So I told them to go back to the mosque and go home only with whom they went with. They did. And when they came home, the donuts were ready, and they ate like they haven't put anything in their mouth for days...
Aku ingin Ar Ir belajar ikut sholat Jumat, dan kusuruh mereka berangkat bersama seorang tetangga. 15 menit kemudian mereka sudah pulang, Nggak mungkin sholat Jumat selesai secepat itu, jadi kusuruh mereka balik ke mesjid lagi, dan hanya pulang dengan siapa mereka tadi berangkat. Mereka balik ke mesjid lagi. Saat mereka tia di rumah, donuts-nya udah siap, dan mereka makan seperti berhari-hari nggak kemasukan makanan....


did you ever feel like you are dying?
like there's no more hopes.

Monday, May 5, 2008

cuma enam menit

only six minutes

bukan salah mereka kalau mereka lahir cuma berjarak enam menit. mereka ngga minta begitu. tetap saja mereka adalah dua individu yang berbeda, dan menginginkan apa yang berhak mereka dapatkan.
it wasn't their fault, that they were born six minutes apart. they never asked for it. still they are two different individuals who want to be given what they deserve.

suatu hari aku mengajak mereka ke toko buku, dan meminta mereka memilih buku yang mereka suka. mereka memilih buku yang sama. kataku, "kenapa ngga ambil buku yang beda, nanti bisa gantian bacanya'. dan meraka ngga mau.
one day I brought them to a book store and ask them to pick one book they like. they both picked the same book. I said, 'why don't you pick different books, and read each other's when you finish with your own?. and they didn't want to.

aku selalu membelikan sesuatu di saat yang sama, meskipun barangnya tidak selalu sama. dan jika ada orang mau memberi sesuatu, aku bilang,' kalo mau ngasih dua, atau tidak sama sekali', karena aku ngga mau nanti ada rebutan setelah itu.
I always buy them things at the same time, although not always the same thing. and when somebody wants to give something, I always say, "give them both, or not at all" because I don't want to see fight over the gift after it.

ketika tiba waktunya sekolah, aku meminta pihak sekolah untuk memasukkan mereka ke kelas yang berbeda karena aku ingin mereka tumbuh, belajar dan bersosialisasi tanpa saling tergantung satu sama lain. hari-hari pertama berat banget, karena Ar selalu nyusul ke kelas Ir dan bilang mau sama Ir. gurunya hampir menyerah dan menyatukan mereka. tapi aku ngotot bilang jangan. alhamdulillah akhirnya mereka bisa melaluinya setelah sebulan, dan terima kasih pada bu guru karena telah begitu bersabar.
when it comes to schooling time, I asked the teacher to put them in different classes because I wanted them to grow, learn and socialize independently each other. first days was so hard cause Ar always run to Ir's class and said wanted to be with Ir. the teacher almost give up and put them together but I insist not to. alhamdulillah they finally could make it in a month, and I thank the teacher for their patience.

suatu hari ada permainan di sekolah, siapa yang menang akan dapat 'bintang'. Ar dapat, tapi Ir tidak. dia nangis hampir seharian dan mengatakan bahwa gurunya tidak adil karena Ar diberi bintang sedangkan dia tidak. aku berusaha sebisa mungkin membuatnya mengerti bahwa Ar berhak mendapatkannya, dan dia harus berusaha kalau ingin mendapatkannya. oh entahlah apa aku bisa membuat dia mengerti, paling tidak sudah kucoba.
once there was a game at school, and who won got a 'star'. Ar did, but Ir didn't. he cried almost all day long and said the teacher wasn't fair, because Ar got star and he didn't. I did may best to make him understand that Ar deserved it and he didn't. that if he wanted a reward he has to work hard for it. oh I don't know if he could understand it or not, at least I tried.

beberapa hari yang lalu aku pergi ke toko buku untuk membelikan mereka buku belajar baca. aku tanya Dan, "beli satu atau dua?". katanya,"satu. kamu kan ngga ngajarin mereka bareng-bareng. biar yang satu menyimak waktu yang lain belajar".
few days ago I and Dan went to a book store to buy them a book to help them lear to read. I asked Dan, "do we buy one or two?". he said, "buy one. you won't teach them both at the same time. let the one watch the other one learning".

aku diam sebentar lalu berkata.
"kalau mereka bukan anak kembar, dan lahir bukan hanya berjarak enam menit, apa mereka harus berbagi buku begitu?"
"menurutmu, bukankah mereka berhak mendapatkan yang sama"
"well, okay, beli dua"
I stood for a while, and then asked.
"if only they were not twin, and born not only six minutes apart, they wouldn't have to share books like this, would they?"
"don't you think they both deserve one book each?"
"well, okay, take two"

sebenarnya aku juga agak bingung tentang hal ini. aku tahu ada orang yang memperlakukan anak kembar mereka persis dalam segala hal, tapi ada juga yang melakukannya bener-bener berbeda. aku merasa nanggung di tengah-tengahnya dan seperti orang yang ragu. aku ingin anakku tumbuh sebagai diri mereka sendiri, tapi kadang aku masih melihat mereka sebagai satu kesatuan.
this is something quite confusing to me. I know people who treat their twins exactly the same. and some who treat them totally different way. I feel like I'm in between, and it sounds like a doubtful step. I want my twins two grow as what they want to be, but at the same time I still some times see them as one.

sebenarnya bagaimana aku harus memperlakukan mereka?
how should I treat them?

Saturday, May 3, 2008

scary friday night...

malam jumat yang seraaaaaaaaaam

I got what they called 'kolik' here. don't know how to say it in english. something sounds like 'abdominal kraam' or something.

aku dapat serangan kolik. dokter menyebutnya 'abdominal kraam' atau sesuatu yang kedengarannya seperti itu.

like there was a blender blade spinning in my stomach, and I threw up few times. it happened again just like about a year ago when I needed to stay at hospital for a night.
seperti ada pisau blender yang berputar di perutku, dan aku beberapa kali munt**. ini pernah terjadi sekitar setahun yang lalu dan aku harus nginep semalam di rumah sakit.

so I decided to go to the hospital. the doctor offered me a shot and although I hate needles, I just said 'yes'. I didn't want to stay in hospital again. so she shot me and I felt better. I took some medicine and went home.
jadi aku putuskan pergi ke rumah sakit. dokter menawari suntik dan meskipun aku benci jarum suntik, aku langsung iya-in aja. aku nggak mau opname lagi. jadi aku disuntik dan merasa baikan. aku minum obat lalu pulang.

but at about 12.00 the blender started to work again, and I threw up again. I couldn't bear the hurt and pain, and then Dan took me to hospital and they gave me some infussion.
tapi sekitar jam 12.00 blendernya muter lagi, dan aku munt** lagi. aku gak tahan rasa sakitnya, jadi Dan anter aku ke rumah sakit dan mereka menginfusku.

I'm home now, and I'm 100% okay.
aku sudah pulang sekarang, dan 100% okay.

best husband

that would be my hunny bunny

tickle battle


is my kids favorite game. where everybody jumped to the bed and tickle one another. this time I didn't join it because I just got home from two days slept over at hospital.
usually, some one will shout: tickle 'some one'! and so every body will tickle her/him.after about 30 minutes, they need a break, but suddenly Ir shouted: tickle Ir!
oh this kid is always different!

adalah permainan kesukaan anak-anakku. di mana semua ngumpul di kasur dan saling 'mengkitik-kitik' -- ah bahasa apa ini-- satu sama lain. kali ini aku nggak ikut karena baru pulang setelah dua hari nginep di rumahsakit. biasanya akan ada yang ngasih aba-aba: kitik-kitik 'siapa'! dan semua akan menggelitiknya.
setelah kira-kira 30 menit, mereka sedang break, tau tau Ir teriak: kitik-kitik Ir
oh anak ini selalu beda!