Saturday, May 31, 2008

so good together

today, me, my parents and all my siblings come together in my sister Non's house. we are here for my youngest brother's proposal. he was to ask a girl to get married with him. the tradition, it is our father should do the proposal, by asking to the girls parents if the girl would marry my brother. that's why our family visit the girls family and do the proposal.
hari ini aku, orangtus dan saudara-saudara ngumpul di rumah kakak perempuanku Non. ada acara lamaran adik bungsuku. kalau menurut tradisinya, bapak yang harus meminta ijin kepada orang tua si gadis untuk boleh dinikahi adikku. karenanya kami sekeluarga mengunjungi keluarga si gadis, silaturahmi dan lamaran

well, the proposal was just a formality, as we all known they both are ready for the marriage. so the visit went well.
sebenarnya, acara lamarannya sendiri cuma formalitas, karena keduanya memaang sudah siap menikah. jadi kunjungannya berjalan lancar dan baik-baik saja

what I love most about us being together is, how we can feel a real togetherness as siblings. talking and laughing about things. remembering moments when we were children, in our old house there in wonogiri. happy sad times shared. the most touching moment today, is when we do sholat maghrib jamaah (doing sholat maghrib together), all of us
yang paling kusukai tentang saat-saat kami ngumpul adalah, kebersaman sebagai saudara kandung. ngobrol dan tertawa tentang banyak hal. mengenang masa kanak-kanak di rumah kami di wonogiri sana. sedih dan bahagia. saat paling menyentuh kali ini adalah, ketika kami sholat maghrib berjamaah, semuanya.

tomorrow everybody will go home to every body's home. good bye is always the worst time in times like these. but I hope we will see each other again, very soon.
besok semua bubar, pulang ke rumah masing-masing. perpisahan adalah saat yang paling 'ogah'. tapi kuharap kami bisa ngumpul lagi, dalam waktu dekat.


Are You Serious! said...

♡ I love getting together with my family too and always am disappointed when we have to leave!!!

Triplet Mama said...

How exciting - a wedding is in the near future!
I know all about the saddness of saying good bye. Getting together with family from back home is always bittersweet to me, cause I know we'll soon be seperated again...

The Burp Cloth Babe said...

So sweet! I love seeing family, too. Good luck with the wedding!

angie said...

One of my absolute favorite things is getting together with siblings, too.

carrie & troy keiser said...

So when will they be getting married? I love that too about getting together with family. I learn so much about my older brothers and sister. I think they ones younger than me also learn alot. There is also alot of laughing and staying up late.
Congrats to your family.