Tuesday, October 2, 2007


I read an article about The New Seven Wonders that based up on a poll among people over the world. Was it really all people over the world, or just a part of them?

When I was in Elementary school, until in High School, I knew that Borobudur Temple and Pyramid were included in. And I think these two temples are wonders. Well, may be Borodudur Temple is less greater than Pyramid. Since Pyramid was built thousand years BC, with complicated rooms of faraoh's grave.

Borobudur Temple was built in 7-8th century. And it's quite complicated to me. All over the temple's wall, is relief tells the story Mahabharata, from beginning to the end. It' has five levels with different idea in each level. It has at least 900 statues of Budha in many different positions. Well, they're all sitting, but if you see it well, you'll find the different pose of the palms and the eyes, really... The stones were put together using eggs as glue (mmmm.... how many tons of eggs they have used?) It's beautiful!!
I have visited it three times, and no refuse to visit it more...

I hope I can visit Pyramid one day... coz I think it's wonderful...

Unfortunately, both Pyramid and Borobudur temple are no longer parts of seven wonders. And for exchange, is a statue that was built in 20th century. O please.... by the time, man can build almost anything they wish using the knowledge of concretes and steels and anything...

Man have 'fly' by the time.... Why don't make planes as wonders as well?

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