Sunday, March 20, 2011

the birthday surprise that leaked

this was supposed to be a birthday surprise for Ar and Ir

Dan and I bought it last night and kept it save (well it wasn't that save, I just put it on the back seat!) in the car.
We got out of the car with a ball for Ai' and five sticks of ice cream for us.

Ar: you should get an elemagica movie dvd for buying five sticks
me: we did get one
Ar: where is it?
Dan: in the car, inside the baggage. will you get it please?

taa daaa....
and Ar came back with the dvd, and, the launcher.

'is this for our birthday presents?'
how so not fun.
'no it's not. put it back. it's Bapak's friend's'

but off course it was an awful lie. this morning we gave it to the boys and the look in their faces were like saying, 'I knew you were lying. I knew it was for us'

happy birthday boys. be whatever you want to be, and let God take care of the rest :)


Anggie...mamAthar said...

Berarti Athar tgl bawa hot wheelnya aja ya kl maen ksana??
Happy bday Ar Ir... Smoga panjang umur, tambag pinter n sholeh yaa.. Kiss kiss dari Athar

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angie said...

Happy Birthday boys. YOu are such good little things, and growing up way too quickly! :)

Stacy Uncorked said...

Happy Birthday boys! They're too smart for our own good, aren't they? ;)

WW: Creative Play

pinkparis said...

Happy Birthday dear Ar and Ir :)

Heather said...

Happy Late Birthday to Ar and Ir!

Simon did this same thing a few Christmas's ago. His dad was looking for something in the closet where one of his gifts was hidden. Dad didn't know that Simon was right behind him and saw the gift...he asked if it was for him. :) We had to give it to him even if it was the biggest gift and a week early.