Saturday, December 22, 2007

Holy Day Holiday (part I)


We did sholat Ied in mosque Darussalam near our house. I'm sorry we couldn't join other people to take care of the sacrificed animals like we usually did in last few years, may Allah bless them. But I had to go to Balikpapan, my parents in law's home. It is to be my first visit in my 8 years marriage...
They usually came to Java in Iedul Fitri and some special moments (ex; my children's birth), and that's how we met annually in Dan's grandparents home. But this time I want to visit them, and there's no way they can say they're not happy about it.
We left for Yogya after sholat, and got there at around twelve. Had lunch and some rest, then went to the airport, where we took our flight to Balikpapan at 16.30. It was my children's first flight and they were so excited. They were sooooo noisy in the aircraft. 'we're flying... we're flying...'
'look at the clouds....!!!'
'hey!! we're hitting the clouds, can you feel the plane shaking?'
'I want to eat noodle!'
'I want to sit next to the window, I can't see anything from here!'
'Ibu, I can fasten my seat belt by myself!'
'this flight is so long! is Balikpapan so far?'
'hey... we're landing... we're landing...!!!'
People would be able to see, it was they're first flight...

We arrived in Balikpapan at 19.00 Java time, or 20.00 there time. Iedul Adha in Balikpapan is just as crowded as Iedul Fitri. Right after we got there, people come to visit my parents in law, since they are hajjis. I was too tired, so after a little hospitality and bla bla I apologized and went upstairs with the children and went to bed..

(to be continued...)


angie said...

I know very little about Islam, so I hope my questions don't sound very ill-informed. Here's one. Since your in-laws have made a pilgrimage to Mecca, does it mean they get more visitors during this time?

angie said...

It sounds like the kids had such a great time on the airplane. I'll have to pull out my world map to see where you went.

Are You Serious! said...

Sounds like they had a fun flight! Only Emma has ever been on a plane out of my kids. She was too young to remember it though. I hope you guys have a lovely time at your families home!

Heather said...

It sounds like your trip went well! And your children must be have had such a great time. Enjoy your in-laws home! Can't wait to hear about the rest of your time there.

latree said...

I hope differences in beliefs don't make us lose respect, or hate each other..
This is some thing new for me too, how people who are hajjis got more visitors in Iedul Adha. In Java (where I live) it doesn't work that way. The day when we visit each other is in Iedul Fitri, our Holy Day after Ramadhan. In it is for everyone, doesn't matter they are hajjis or not.
But in the village where my in laws live hajjis got more visitors, even though people still visit each other among non hajjis. I guess it is just a good local habit there. May be it is based on the fact that Iedul Adha is also known as Hajj's Day, as the pilgrims do the most important part of the pilgrimage, which is staying in Arafah, that day.
Visiting each other, in Islam called 'silaturrahim', is a way for us to keep in touch and not lose family ties. I know we can keep contact in many ways nowadays, such as emails and calls, but meeting face to face is still the best we doing silaturahim...

Shari said...

I love the excitement in your kids - flying for the first time. They are so cute in the photos. My kids haven't flown yet.