Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Holy Day Holiday (part 2)

Day 1
We spent almost all day long visiting Dan’s uncles, aunties and cousins. I’m glad my children could get along with Dan’s cousin’s children although they just have met.

Day 2
The Beach!!
Beaches are our favorite. The beach was clean. Sandy, and the water was quite still, almost no wave, so I can let my children get into the water with no worries.
We made a sand castle that looked a lot more like a bunch of burgers.

And there was a park for children to play. With my children's favorite game: climbing stuff

Crocodile Ranch
Nobody could tell us what this croc ranch is developed for. Do they take croc skins for fashion needs, or take their meat for food, or else?. The ranch was split in parts according to the croc’s age.

My children need to climb up the cage to be able to see the adult crocs in the pond. Suddenly one of the crocs roar. Ir got kinda shocked, he jumped and fell seated. His pants were wet and dirty. So I bought ‘any pants will do’ in a shop nearby. While Dan was changing Ir’s pants, Ar looked inside the plastic bag and asked, “Where’s mine?”.
Dan answered, “Your pants are okay, you don’t need to change”. But he wanted to have one. Oh, you twins.... So they changed their pants with these batik pants...

Day 3
We went to a mall and the kids have some fun in kidzone playground

Day 4
An uncle offered us to go to Tenggarong, 3 hours riding from Balikpapan to see a museum. But my mom in law said that museum in Yogya and Solo are better. So we decided to go to the beach again...

Time to go home...
Ir cried and beg to stay a little longer. But I and Dan had to back to work the next day.
So we went home. Ibit let me to sit next to the window for a while and took some pics of the clouds we hit...

We got home at 19.00. We really enjoy our holiday....


angie said...

Sounds like a lovely, lovely trip.

OK, can I start asking some uninformed questions about being Muslim?

Are You Serious! said...

It looks like the kids were having a great time. The beach looked like fun! I loved your comment on the castle looking like burgers... I love the climbing park. My kids would love that too. I think I would have fallen over too, if one of those crocs grownled at me! Beautiful picture of the clouds! I'm so glad that you guys had such a great time! :)

latree said...

Angie, if you want to asked more about being moslem, you can email me at , I think that will be more comfortable for us. I'll be glad to answer as far as I can.
Thanks for your concern (if it's the right word -- remember my english....)

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

Looks like a good holiday! Your cloud pix is wonderful! Good job.