Friday, March 14, 2008


Live in reality
stand your ground
take your destiny
realize where you belong

I can’t live a parallel life
coz it has a tunnel between
for me to pass through
from one to the other
and it connected both in anyway


Are You Serious! said...

♥ THat was great!

I like Savage Garden too! I like there song Cherry Chicka Cola too! Funnnn! :)

angie said...

YOu are an amazing poet. Very impressive considering English is not your first language!

BUndAzkA said...

yuhuu mb latree..wah bbakat niih keknya jadi penyair...;)

mb kalo mo liat tutorialnya scrapbook liat aja di tmnku yg emg jago

itu disitu jelas bgt langkah2nya..jadi bs sambil dipraktekin lgsg..

latree said...

mel... it's chicka cherry cola ;)