Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sandals and Milkshake

I bought Ar Ir new sandals.
Aku beliin Ar Ir sandal baru.
"Ar, look at it's bottom. It's very hard", said Ir.
"Ar, lihat, bawahnya keras banget", kata Ir.

Of course. That was the hardest out sole that I could find. Their sandals should have hard outsole or they'll end up like this
Tentu saja. Itu yang terkeras yang aku temukan. Sandal mereka harus yang solnya keras, kalau tidak, pasti akan jadi seperti ini

in few days.
dalam beberapa hari.

Tonight after dinner we made instant (as usual) milk shake.
Hari ini setelah makan malam kami bikin milk shake instant (seperti biasa)

'I want Mocca flavor', said Ibit.

'Aku mau rasa moka', kata Ibit.

'I want strawberry flavor', said Ar.

'Aku mau rasa stroberi', kata Ar.

'I want water flavor', said Ir.

'Aku mau rasa air', kata Ir.

This is what I meant with how he said surprising things.

Ini lho yang kumaksud, Ir selalu mengatakan hal-hal tak terduga.


angie said...

Oh those sandals show me how nice the weather must be there......he does say interesting things!

Are You Serious! said...

♥ That's funny! Water flavored... i think we can manage that! :)

Isn't it amazing how quickly kids go through shoes!!!