Saturday, April 26, 2008

the most beautiful girl in the world (reposted)

gadis paling cantik sedunia

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that's Ibit
originally posted on November 20, 2007, I've changed the pictures with some newer ones.

I and Ibit were in Ibit’s bed, talked about this and that, until we got to the part when we talked about our neighbor who has moved couple months ago.

aku dan ibit sedang ngobrol di kasur, lalu kami sampai di bagain ketika kami membicarakan tetangga yang pindah rumah beberapa bulan yang lalu

"We can visit them someday", I said.
"kita bisa mengunjungi mereka nanti", kataku

“Yes, I want to, I want to... But.... will Bim still remember me?”
"ya, aku mau... mau.... tapi... nanti Bim masih inget aku ngga ya?"

“Of course he will. How can he forget the most beautiful girl in the neighborhood?”
"ya pasti inget, lah. masa dia lupa gadis paling cantik di perumahan?'

Ibit punched me and laughed.
“Ibu, you know I’m not beautiful”
ibit meninjuku dan tertawa
"Ibu, aku kan ngga cantik"

I was shocked. Most girl will love to be told they're beautiful.
aku kaget, kebanyakan anak akan suka kalau dibilang cantik

“What do you mean?”
"maksud mbak ibit ?"

“I’m black, and black girls are not beautiful”
"aku kan hitam. orang hitam itu ngga cantik"

“What about me ?”
"trus ibu bagaimana?"

“You’re not either”
"ibu juga ngga cantik"

“But darling we’re not black, we’re brown”
"tapi sayang, kita tu ngga hitam. kita coklat"

“We’re dark, that’s just the same”
"pokoknya gelap, sama aja"

“Who is beautiful then?”
"trus yang cantik itu siapa?"

“Santa?” Santa is her friend, she has a little lighter skin.
"santa?" santa adalah temannya, yang kulitnya agak putihan

“If you’re not beautiful, what are you?”
"kalau ibit ngga cantik, trus apa?'

“I’m just, ordinary”
"aku, biasa aja"

“Do you want to be beautiful?”
"pengin cantik ngga?"

“No, I dont. I’m glad with what I am. Alhamdulillah I don’t have blemishes on my face”
"ngga. aku suka begini aja. Alhamdulillah mukaku ngga jerawatan"

I smiled.
“That’s because you’re still so young. Sooner or later you’ll have some”
aku tersenyum.
"itu karena mbak ibit masih kecil. nanti kalau udah besar ya jerawatan juga"

“Really ?”


“That’s fine, I’m still grateful everything on my face works. I can see with my eyes, I can speak with my lips, I can smell with my nose..”
"ya ngga papa. aku masih bersyukur semua yang di mukaku ini berguna. mataku bisa melihat, mulutku bisa ngomong, dan hidungku bisa mencium"

I enfolded her in my arms.
I tried so hard not to cry, I don't want her to think I was sad to realize that we are not beautiful...
aku peluk ibit.
aku berusaha keras utnuk tidak meneteskan airmata, takutnya dia pikir aku sedih karena menyadari kami berdua tidak cantik...

I (pretend to be wise) said,“You know, there are so many things more important than the look. You are a nice girl, you are kind, caress, and smart. And that what will make people love you”
aku (sok bijak) pun berkata' "mbak ibit, banyak hal yang lebih penting daripada wajah. mbak ibit tu anak manis, baik hati, penyayang, dan pinter. itu yang bikin orang suka sama kita"

“Yeah... some girls have it all. They’re beautiful, and kind, and smart... But I'm okay with myself”
"yeah.... tapi ada yang punya semuanya. udah cantik, baik hati, dan pintar. tapi aku bersyukur seperti ini"

I hugged her tighter.I also never think I was beautiful. But I never feel so comfortable about that like Ibit does.
dan aku peluk dia lebih erat lagi. aku juga ngga pernah berpikir aku ini cantik. tapi aku tidak pernah merasa senyaman bagaimana ibit merasa tentang dirinya.

She just made me do. My beautiful angel, the most beautiful girl in the world.
dia bikin aku merasa begitu. gadis cantikku. gadis paling cantik sedunia


Triplet Mama said...

Your daughter IS beautiful!!! I don't know if this is a cultural thing, but being Swedish I'm pale and I have ALWAYS envied people with darker complexion. I think it's beautiful!

angie said...

It's my opinion that the most beautiful girls in the world are the ones that have compassion, intelligence and wisdom. She has all of those things, and IS beautiful on the outside too. My oldest daughter wanted to be black or brown when she was little. Didn't matter which, as long as it was dark. I remember her crying in a store for the "brown baby" doll when she wasn't yet 2, and she repeatedly asked me why she wasn't made dark. :)

forgetfulone said...

Ah, but she IS beautiful! Inside and out.

The Burp Cloth Babe said...

Be sure to tell her that I LOVE her dark skin. Here in the US, people pay money to lay in beds and get sprayed with chemical to look brown.

She is so gorgeous!!!!!

Are You Serious! said...

♡ I remember when you posted this the first time! And I think she's darling! You know how many people tan/burn themselves to get "brown" skin!!! She's lovely!

Kelli said...

when my 20 year old was 3 he wanted to be a famous basketball player who is black and could not understand why I wouldnt make him black. it was so funny. All colors are beautiful and even if we are only looking at what is on the outside, each color is wonderfully beautiful, and we always want what we dont have. I think its the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence thing. Your daughter is really cute. Hugs to you both

carrie & troy keiser said...

She IS beautiful! Beauty comes in every color!

anastasiarta said...

Wah ... by saying those words anak mbak officially terbilang cantik luar dalam !!=)

Casey's trio said...

I agree with everyone else...your daughter is a beautiful young lady and it sounds like you are doing your best to teach her that beauty is not only on the outside.

ameztomia said...

I believe 100% that mbak Ibit is really, really beautiful, gorgeous... inside and out because she has beautiful mother like U as a excellent role model for her...
Much, much luv 4 both of U...