Sunday, April 13, 2008

gokil mom - diari seorang mami dodol

crazy mom - diary of a stupid mommy

kemaren pulang kantor mampir gunung agung. beliin buku buat ibit, yang gak bisa gak ada bacaan. iseng ngiter di deretan best seller ada buku ini. ngerasa diri ‘mami dodol’ dan sekaligus ‘gokil mom’ aku beli buku itu. curious, how gokil a mom could be.
on my way home from office yesterday, I stopped by in a book store, looking for some books for ibit who can not be left without something to read. I walked around the best seller rack and saw this book. feeling as a crazy mom, and a stupid one at a time, I bought this book. I was so curious, how crazy a mom could be.

aku emang gak suka bacaan berat. dan menurut komentar-komentar yang memenuhi sampul belakang buku ini, kayanya ni bacaan emang ringan dan buat hiburan aja. cocok.
I don't like hard thinking stuff to read. the comments filled the back of the book said this book is just for fun. okay.

baca punya baca, aku bertanya-tanya. benarkah semua yang ditulis ini kenyataan: baik pikiran maupun kejadiannya? karena kalau iya, ternyata aku masih jauh dari ‘gokil’ dan ‘dodol’. mami yang nulis buku ini bener-bener s*****g!
read and read, I asked myself, are all these stuffs written here real: the thoughts and the story? because if they are, then I'm far away from crazy and stupid. the mommy who wrote this book is completely s***!

paling tidak aku setuju dengan salah satu quote-nya:
‘being a mom bukan berarti kudu jadi ibu-ibu atau emak-emak’
at least I agree with one of her quote:
being a mom doesn't mean you have to be an old lady

yang lain, terserah yang lain deh. aku….. no komen. buku ini bener- bener buat hiburan.
the rest... up to the rest. me... no comment. this book is surely just for fun.


angie said...

The thing I like about silly/stupid books is that they make me feel more intelligent. Yarbels is a term (I think it's origins are Russian and English, as in England) used to describe someone's testicles.

Are You Serious! said...

♥ It's nice to know that we're not as crazy as we think we are some times!

The Burp Cloth Babe said...

I am with's nice to know that someone else is a nutcase like me on somedays! :)

carrie & troy keiser said...

Sounds like it's meant for a good laugh, huh? As has already been stated, it's nice to know we're more normal than we thought! :)

becky voyles said...

Hi! Thanks for commenting on my blog and liking my artwork. I like your blog.