Tuesday, November 20, 2007

the most beautiful girl in the world

I and Ibit were in Ibit’s bed, talked about this and that, until we got to the part when we talked about our neighbor who has moved couple months ago.

Ibit three years ago

"We can visit them someday", I said.
“Yes, I want to, I want to... But.... will Bim still remember me?”
“Of course he will. How can he forget the most beautiful girl in the neighborhood?”
Ibit punched me and laughed.
“Ibu, you know I’m not beautiful”
I was shocked. Most girl will love to be told they're beautiful.
“What do you mean?”
“I’m black, and black girls are not beautiful”
“What about me ?”
“You’re not either”
“But darling we’re not black, we’re brown”
“We’re dark, that’s just the same”
“Who is beautiful then?”
Santa is her friend, she has a little lighter skin.
“If you’re not beautiful, what are you?”
“I’m just, ordinary”
“Do you want to be beautiful?”
“No, I dont. I’m glad with what I am. Alhamdulillah I don’t have blemishes on my face”
I smiled.
“That’s because you’re still so young. Sooner or later you’ll have some”
“Really ?”
“That’s fine, I’m still grateful everything on my face works. I can see with my eyes, I can speak with my lips, I can smell with my nose..”
I enfolded her in my arms. I tried so hard not to cry, I don't want her to think I was sad to realize that we are not beautiful. I (pretend to be wise) said,
“You know, there are so many things more important than the look. You are a nice girl, you are kind, caress, and smart. And that what will make people love you”
“Yeah... some girls have it all. They’re beautiful, and kind, and smart... But I'm okay with myself”
I hugged her tighter.
I also never think I was beautiful. But I never feel so comfortable about that like Ibit does. She just made me do. My beautiful angel, the most beautiful girl in the world.


angie said...

A beautiful girl with an incredibly mature outlook. She sounds amazing.

Are You Serious! said...

I agree! I think she she very cute and sounds very mature also!