Thursday, November 8, 2007

room sweet room

I like our new paint on tv-room. Especially the stars. I planned to paint the stars using some scotlight poster color. But a friend sugested me to put on some glow-in-the-dark-toys. It doesn't look bright in light. (May be I need a dark blue, not marine blue. Marine should be for ocean-look. But I thought too dark would make our space feels poky) But in the night if I turn out all the light, they really glow, feels like we are underneath the stars..

I know this isn't large enough to be two boys's room.

And this isn't good enough to be a girl's room.

But they are happy with what they just got. They're own rooms.
Those two 'rooms' were supposed to be one room, for my twin, while Ibit 's was some room under. But she wanted 'a room upstairs'. So they shared, and okay with that.

Some day I'll give them what they need: territory and privacy.


angie said...

Cute rooms.......sometimes kids just have to share rooms. My girls have their own rooms, but my boys share. Eventually that'll change, but for now it works well.

carrie & troy keiser said...

I love to see how others decorate their spaces. the boys used to share and the girls too until we built in the basement and now the only ones sharing are the twins....that will have to change eventually as the whole boy/girl issues present themselves!