Saturday, August 16, 2008



Indonesia's Independence Day is on 17 August, which is tomorrow. We have started the celebrations from few days ago.
these are some pictures from our independence day celebration in my neighborhood. not the best shots, everybody was moving and my cam isn't good enough for that...

games for children

we have done this last Saturday

eating kerupuk is the most frustating game

Ir was frustated

but Ar broke the rules

and Ansel didn't care about it at all, just enjoyed the kerupuk

Ibit won this race

Ar was so good in this one

the night before the day

Ar Ir and Ibit helped me wrap the gifts for the children in the afternoon

we prayed for our heroes who has fought with their blood to free this country from Dutch and Japan

games for dads: they had to move 5 marbles in a plate filled with flour to a little bowl, using their mouth

games for moms: they have to put a pencil tied behind their back into a bottle

every kid got a gift

and hot soto was great for a cold night dinner

more reports next week!!


Are You Serious! said...

♥ What a fun time for you guys! Happy Independence day! :)

Heather said...

This was very awesome to read about. It looks like a fun celebration. Happy Independence Day!


angie said...

Excuse my ignorance, but it it a celebration of independence from the Dutch?

Crazy Daisy said...

Happy Independence Day! It looks like a nice time to celebrate! Can you explain what kerupuk is?

latree said...

thank you everyone.
@angie, too many coloniser here long time ago. english, portuguese, dutch, and japan. but yes, dutch was the longist one, over 350 years....
@daisy, kerupuk is some kind of crackers. I'll show you a big picture of it later. remind me if I forgot.

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

Happy Independence Day! Look like a lot of fun games! I was guessing that kerupuk was like a doughnut.....

Triplet Mama said...

What great celebrations!!! What is hot Soto? And how cold, is a cold night?! Just curious ;)

iway said...

heran ya krupuk ga habis-habis, ganti makan emping kek yang mahalan dikit :D

Kelli said...

looks like tons of fun