Thursday, August 7, 2008

comparations (part 1)

between raising twins to single. this one is on request of Angie.

1. layettes and diapers.

When Ibit was born, I push myself to use diapers as less as possible. I used layettes. Ibit had 3 dozens of it. I change the layette every time she peed or pooped, even at night. I needed to wake up several times at night to change her layettes and breastfed her. I only use diapers when we need to go outside for quite long.
Layettes were only used for about two months, then we turned to pants.
When she was about 10 months, I started the toilet training. I brought her to bathroom and made her pee in schedules, even at night. I would touch her bottom with my cold wet hand, and she would.. ssssssss..... So when she was 2 years, she almost never wear diapers anymore.

Ar and Ir was different. I prepared 7 dozens of layette, but then they only used like a half of it all.
First week, I did like what I did to baby Ibit. But it was killing me. I couldn't sleep at all. They woke up one after another like every 15 minutes. Ar peed. Then Ir. Then Ar cried for milk. then Ir. It went on and on like that. I didn't sleep (almost) at all for at least two weeks. Waks!
I gave up. I decided to put diapers on them at night, whenever I decided to sleep. Started about 22.00 they wore diapers. I'd wake up at around 01.00 to change them. Then at 05.00, time for me to wake up, and started to use the layettes again, all daylight long till it's time for bed. It helped a lot. The rest, I did like the way for Ibit.

2. breast feeding

Ibit got the whole two years breast feeding, without any additional milk. She turned from breast to glass, no bottle.

Ar Ir? They drank way too much for me to fulfill. Beside, they sometimes cried at the same time. I couldn't breastfeed them at the same time... I read books about breast feeding for twin. You can do it by asking some one to hold the other baby when you are holding one. Or, you can put the babies on a table and fix their mouth to your nipple.
But it was too weird for me. I felt like a cat with its kittens.... So bottle was the answer.

Every night before we go to bed, Dan prepared 8 bottles filled with measured water, and measured milk powder. So when the babies cried for milk we just needed to mix them and, glek..glek..glek..
Ar Ir stopped drinking from me at 11 months... :(

3. carrying

I carried Ibit with baby carrier anywhere I went. Even when I fed her. She was so small and light.

Ar Ir? I carried them with my hands so rarely. I put them on baby strollers. But when they started to walk, I sometimes need to carry them both. One in my right hand and one in the other hand.

4. Dan's participation

In taking care of Ibit, Dan almost did nothing. He never woke up at night. I did all by my self and I was OK with that.
In Ar-Ir's case, as I've told before, I almost had no sleep at all for the first week they were home, after 5 days in ICU. I didn't ask Dan to help, but he could see how hard it would have been if I had to work alone. Moreover I still had to take care of Ibit who was 2,5. So he gave me helps, as much as he could. And I'm so thankful for that.

5. Nanny
I didn't need one for Ibit. But sure I need it for Ar Ir. I was a house wife then, but still taking care of a toddler, a house, and a couple of twin, was hard.

ok, I guess it's enough for part 1. I'll think of the next stuffs. Be patient and don't get bored.


angie said...

So much of this is familiar!

Just out of curiosity, why didn't you want to use diapers?

Like you, I found out twins are a lot harder than just one! :)

Are You Serious! said...

♥ Twins are much harder I totally agree. I think the 2 & 3 year old stage was the worst for me though. :)

Heather said...

oh, wow. I'm glad I didn't have twins. I'm jealous of you for potty training so quickly. My son is 2.5 and has no desire to use the potty. :(