Thursday, October 30, 2008

x-ray and infra-red

It was started that Monday afternoon. Ibit just got home from school, I was still in office. She called, crying and told me that her left arm was twisted when she was playing around with her friend. Her elbow was hurt, she couldn’t move her hand or fold her elbow to change clothes. She couldn’t even carry her bagpack.
Cerita berawal hari Senin kemarin. Ibit baru pulang sekolah, aku masih di kantor. Dia menelepon sambil nangis dan matur bahwa tangan terpuntir ketika sedang main dengan temannya. Sikunya sakit, dia tidak bisa menggerakkan dan menekuk tangannya, dan tidak bisa ganti baju, bahkan membawa ranselnya.

I got home and found her still crying in her bed. She wore the shirt incompletely. Her left body was not covered. I touched her elbow and she screamed. I touch her waist and screamed again. It looked hurt so bad I almost cry seeing it.
Aku pulang dan menemukan dia sedang menangis di tempat tidurnya. pakai bajunya ngga sempurna, cuma masuk lengan kanannya, yang kiri tidak bisa. Aku pegang sikunya dia menjerit. Aku pegang pergelangannya dia menjerit. Kelihatannya sakit banget.

There is a physiotherapist who lives not too far from our house. I brought her there and ask him what was wrong with Ibit. He couldn’t tell. He told us to take an x-ray photo to see if there was any trouble with the bones. So we right away went to a clinic for that.
Didekat rumah kami ada seorang fisioterapis. Aku bawa Ibit ke sana dan bertanya kira-kira kenapa tangannya, Beliau belum berani bilang atau berbuat sesuatu. Ibit diminta foto rontgen dulu untuk melihat apa yang terjadi, siapa tahu ada retak tulang. Akhirnya kami pergi ke klinik untuk itu.

According to the photo, Ibit bones were fine. But why did it hurt so badly?

Menurut fotonya, tulang Ibit baik-baik saja. Tapi kenapa bisa sakit banget begitu?

The physiotherapist said it must be the tendon which was wounded. Then he started to give it some massages and infra-red light. He moved Ibit’s lower arm slowly in and out. Ibit some time still screamed when it hurt, and he would stop and start from beginning again. It took almost one hour for that first day. He said she might need at least six times therapy. But she can stop if she gets better before six times.
Kata fisioterapisnya, tendonnya yang terluka. Dia mulai memberikan pijatan dan ifra merah. Tangan Ibit digerakkan naik turun perlahan. Kadang Ibit menjerit, maka gerakkannya dihentikan sebentar, lalu mulai lagi. Terapi pertama itu hampir satu jam lamanya. Katanya, Ibit perlu paling tidak enam kali terapi. Tapi kalau sudah membaik sebelum itu, kami boleh stop.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.
Senin, Selasa, Rabu, Kamis.

This morning, I was having my bath. Somebody knocked the door and I opened it to peak a little. It was Ibit who just woke up. She smiled and showed me her left arms, and swing it up and down. “No more hurts”, she said.
Pagi ini, aku sedang mandi. Seseorang mengetuk pintu kamar mandi, aku buka sedikit dan mengintip. Ternyata Ibit yang baru bangun tidur. Dia tersenyum dan menunjukkan tangan kirinya, diayun naik turun. "Nggak sakit lagi", katanya.

Alhamdulillah. She only needed four times therapy to get well. It is still not 100%, but she’s happy now that she can do things like taking bath, dress up, and tie her hair, all by her self.
Alhamdulillah. Dia cuma butuh empat kali terapi untuk sembuh. Belum 100% sih, tapi dia kelihatan bahgaia sekali bisa melakukan banyak hal sendiri lagi.

And I’m so happy to see. I couldn’t stand not to cry every time she did whenever she moved it few days ago. Ssst…., actually, I almost got fainted accompanying her doing the therapy. I was such a chicken. But I tried my best not to show it in front of her. I wanted her to be strong during the therapy and get well soon….
Dan aku juga senang melihatnya. Aku bener-bener ngga tahan waktu melihat dia menangis beberapa hari yang lalu. Sssst... sebenarnya aku malah hampir pingsan waktu nungguin dia terapi. Penakut. Tapi aku berusaha tidak tunjukkan di depan Ibit. Aku ingin dia kuat selama terapi, biar cepat sembuh...

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Tiaras and Tantrums said...

so sad - feel better

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

Yes, do feel better. Those are orders!

Chris said...

It is so tough to see your child in pain, especially when there is so little you can do, and healing takes so long. I hope everything is fully healed soon.

scrappysue said...

feel better soon! hugs

Cecily R said...

I'm so glad she's feeling better. Here's hoping 100% comes fast. :)

Lori of I'm no super Mom said...

Poor thing! It is so hard on Mommy I am sure! Hope all is better soon!

Ryanne said...

Glad that she is feeling better. isn't it so hard when your child hurts and you can't do anything to help?

WheresMyAngels said...

I had just learned the word physiotherapist a month ago when I had to take a client to one.

Glad she is doing better, that would of been scary.

CrackerJacks said...

Poor thing! I hope all gets better very soon!
Happy Halloween!

Jyl @ MommyGossip said...

Ahhhh! Hope she feels better! Sad PSF!

Have a Happy Halloween!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad she is feeling better. :) Poor thing. It is hard to see our children in pain.

Are You Serious! said...

♥ Poor girl! I'm so glad that she's feeling better now!

Laura@Storytellin' Mama said...

I HATE to see my kids in pain... glad she was such a trooper and is feeling better!!

Shellie said...

I'm so glad she is feeling better quickly. Thank goodness for the treatments. Nice pictures, too :)

Hannah Noel said...

Glad it's better!!

forgetfulone said...

Poor baby. I have tendonitis in my right arm, and it hurts, but not so bad that I can't use it. At least not now. A few years ago, it was so bad I had to do therapy and get injections, and that hurt horribly! I'm so glad she's better. Any idea what caused it?

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

Not fun! Glad that she is on the mend!