Friday, July 18, 2008

twin bed for twin boys

this is for photo story friday

my children used to share room. but finally I can give them rooms with more space.
so I bought Ar and Ir a twin bed. the first time they had to sleep on it, they fought about who was gonna sleep on top or down. Ar decided to sleep on top that night, and they'd twist every night. so I kissed them good night and left.
at about 23.00 I peeked in and this is what I found.

dulu anak-anak harus berbagi kamar. akhirnya aku bisa memberi mereka kamar yang agak lega. jadi aku belikan Ar dan Ir twin bed. pertama kali mau pake, bingung siapa yang mau tidur di atas atau di bawah. akhirnya Ar memutuskan malam itu akan tidur di atas, dan besoknya gantian, begitu seterusnya. jadi aku cium mereka, lalu pergi.
sekitar jam 23.00 aku ngintip, dan ini yang kutemukan

why should I buy them twin bed?
jadi buat apa aku repot-repot beli twin bed?

PhotoStory Friday
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Corey~living and loving said...

That is adorable. :) such sweet brothers!
happy PSF!
Have a great weekend!

Killlashandra said...

Cute picture. And I don't know why but toddlers and little kids always seem to end up in positions like that when you let more than on of them sleep together in the same room. :)

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

They are just so use to having one another that they can't help it!

Sarah Brooks said...

How lucky they will be if they are still that close when they are grown. That is precious!

forgetfulone said...

Isn't that just soooo like twins! I remember giving mine (a boy and a girl, though) separate rooms and how hard it was for them to adjust. I think it's so sweet.

Triplet Mama said...

So cute!
See, that's what I am thinking will happen when I get the triplets their own beds, I think they're all going to sneak in to someone elses bed. My kids haven't been seperated ever, only while in the Nicu, but once they came home they've always slept together.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE your photo tag. I will try and do this one too. :)

Laura said...

I loved this shot! The story is so cute. My twins always want to be together too. The twin bond is really unique and special.

Toni said...

Ahhh...sweet! Thanks for the visit and comment!

Cecily R said...

Now that is a perfect, PERFECT PSF!!!! Love the shot, love the story...

Sorry I am so behind on my hosting and commenting duties. Getting a stomach virus made looking at a computer screen just too much this weekend.

Are You Serious! said...

♡ That cracks me up!!! Great picture!!! :)

angie said...

Oh how cute! How they can sleep like that is beyond me, though! :)