Monday, July 14, 2008

my golden hearted baby

he didn't move a lot
for a couple days he didn't move at all
i was so afraid i thought he was dead inside
until the doctor showed me his tiny heart beating...
he was born 2000 grams
5 days in a box for ultraviolet and oxygen
had his first milk from a pipe put into his stomach through his tiny nose
got flu in age of two weeks
everytime he coughed, my heart was like cut with a knive
until almost a year old, his face looked suffer some kind of pain
he's always been the sweet one
blame me for loving him more.

dia tak banyak bergerak
beberapa hari bahkan tak bergerak sama sekali
aku takut dia mati di dalam
tapi dokter menunjukkan padaku, jantung kecilnya berdetak
terlahir 2000 grams
lima hari di box untuk ultraviolet dan oksigen
mendapatkan susu pertamanya dengan disuntikkan
lewat pipa yang dimasukkan ke lambungnya melalui hidung
kena flu di umur 2minggu
setiap kali dia terbatuk, hatiku rasa teriris
sampai umur hampir setahun, wajahnya selalu tampak menahan sakit
dia anak manis
salahkan aku karena mencintainya lebih


Triplet Mama said...

Hi! I'm sorry I haven't commented much lately, but I keep checking in on you & your family. It must be so nice to have your sweet kids back home.

forgetfulone said...

Oh, that makes my heart almost break. I'm so glad he's turned out fine. He's a cutie.

The Burp Cloth Babe said...

So sweet. Nothing like a mother's love. He is so cute.

Evi said...

si kembar ya...?
ah...yang penting sekarang sehat kan?

latree said...

@triplet mama: yeah me too... i read blogs a lot but could not comment due to error in my connection
@diane & evi: alhamdulillah he's now fine and healthy
@burpclothebabe: he is, thanks

carrie & troy keiser said...

How hard that must have been. So happy that he is well now. It is worth all the stress we go through for our children.

forgetfulone said...

Hi Latree! I have a tag for you on my blog. I know you like to take pictures, so you might like it.

angie said...

Oh, so sweet. His brother didn't need to go to the neonatal intensive care with him?

Are You Serious! said...

♡ I love that picture! I'm so glad that he's strong and healthy now! :)