Friday, July 25, 2008


this week's prompt for sundayscribblings is solace. I wrote something about it couple months ago, in my other blog, but it was in Indonesian. so this time I want to rewrite it in both language of Indonesian and English, for Dandelion.

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read a book? what kind of book? some books just make you fell even worse. books they said will strengthen you? some time instead of being solace, it makes me feel guilty.
baca buku?
buku apa dulu. ada buku yang kadang justru menambah buruk suasana hati. buku yang menguatkan hati? kadang justru bikin aku makin feel guilty.

listen to music? what kind of music? some songs drifted me away and give more sadness. any kind of song? will the ears listen?
dengerin musik?
musik apa dulu. ada lagu yang kadang justru menghanyutkan dan bikin kita makin sedih. lagu seadanya? kupingnya juga ga mau dengerin.

playing piano? OK. but I'm not that good. making mistakes drives me crazy.
main piano? ok. tapi belum pinter. lama-lama bete juga karena salah-salah mulu.

working out? not bad. I can do two hours and get all tired, then go to sleep.
senam? lumayan. tapi paling-paling cuma kuat ikut dua jam. kelelahan, lalu tidur.

sleep? I'm not one who can fall asleep easily. beside, it's not solace, it's a runaway
tidur? aku bukan orang yang gampang tidur. dan itu bukan solace, tapi runaway.

what about reading Qur'an? I know I won't understand the meaning unless I read the translation. and it may sounds too much, finding solace by reading it. but it works
gimana kalau baca Qur'an? aku memang ga ngerti artinya kalau ga baca terjemahannya. dan kedengarannya mungkin 'sok' banget, finding solace dengan baca Qur'an. but it works.

just listening to the words come out of my lips, sounds so peaceful to me.

mendengar kata-katanya keluar dari mulutku, mendamaikan hati.


gautami tripathy said...

Books and music..I agree!


Entertain me, will you?

Granny Smith said...

Sometimes each of the possible sources of solace may work, even if they sometimes make you sadder. This is a nice listing of solace sources.

It's intereseting to see both the English and the Indonesian side-by-side. I love languages!

forgetfulone said...

Nice post. I love books. Not so much music for finding solace. A warm bath is nice comfort. I should read my Bible more often for solace, but I .... have no excuse. I'm very interested in the Quran (I know I didn't spell that right). I like to learn and explore similarities and differences.

Needless to say, I haven't written my solace post yet because I still don't know what brings me comfort.

danni said...

i love that you get peace with the sound of your voice - what a great way of soothing yourself!!!

fenny said...

hmm.. sleep is better :D

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

I agree books and music can both give solace and cause one to feel inadequate. I don't read "self help". I read for fun and enjoyment! Thanks for sharing this with us.