Sunday, July 27, 2008

arisan ibu-ibu dan gado-gado

arisan is a group of some person, with an activity of gathering some amount of money periodically. in each period they will draw a name (or more) to get the collected money. the periods should go on until everybody gets the same amount of money.

the housewives arisan group monthly meeting in my neighborhood was held in my house this evening. it should start at 16.00, and I started preparing at 14.00. imagine, it was such a rush hour. alhamdulillah I got these helpers with me. what should I do without them?
arisan ibu-ibu bulan ini di rumahku. acara dimulai jam 16.00, dan jam 14.00 aku baru siap-siap. bayangkan, rush hour. alhamdulillah ada sukarelawan ini. apa jadinya aku tanpa bantuan mereka?

i served hot tea for the drink and some snacks such as brownies, fried banana, and tahu bakso.
(tahu bakso is tofu filled with minced beef)
here is the main course, gado-gado. want to try to make it? it's easy (remember, I only do simple cooking).

aku suguhkan teh panas dan snack (brownies, pisang goreng dan tahu bakso)
makan besarnya gado-gado. mau coba? gampang kok bikinnya (aku ga mungkin masak yang susah)

this is what you do (my version), for 5 persons:
200 grams carrot and 200 grams of bean: cut and steam
some lettuce, 2 tomatoes, 1 cucumber: just wash and slice
500 grams of potatoes: steam, peel off, and cut
5 tahu and 5 tempe: cut, soak it in disolved garlic and salt (100 cc water, 3 garlic and 1 tea spoon salt) for about 10 minutes, and fry
5 eggs: boil
emping (fried chips made of Gnetum gnemon fruit) and kerupuk udang (shrimp chip?)

200 grams of sambel pecel, boil with 300 cc of thin coconut milk

arange all ingredients in a plate (except emping and krupuk), pour some sauce, and put emping and kerupuk on top

begini cara bikinnya (versi aku, ga enak dilarang protes), untuk 5 orang:
2oo gram wortel dan 200 gram buncis, potong dan kukus.
daun selada, tomat dan timun: cuci dan iris-iris
500 gram kentang: kukus, kupas, potong-potong
5 tahu dan 5 tempe: potong-potong, rendam dalam larutan bumbu (100 cc air, 3 bawang putih yang dihaluskan, 1 sdt garam) kurang lebih 10 menit, lalu goreng
5 butir telur: rebus
emping dan kerupuk udang

200 gram sambel pecel, rebus dengan 300 cc santan encer.

susun semua bahan di piring (kecuali kerupuk dan emping), siram dengan saus, taburkan kerupuk dan emping di atasnya.

you might want to try other recipe of gado-gado

ini kalo mau nyoba resep gado-gado yang beda


iway said...

itu sukarelawan apa buruh migran :D

The Burp Cloth Babe said...

Yum....hope the party went well for you!

Triplet Mama said...

Yummy food!!!!
Oh, I don't know how authentic our chicken satay turn out but should be tasty. My husband and I just love Thai food so that's where our inspiration is coming from. When we lived in NYC we were able to also eat Vietnamese and Malaysian food a lot, which we love. I never had Indonesian food per say, we'll have to come visit you :)!!!

angie said...

I don't know what 3 of the ingredients are: tempe, tahu? and empe? Sorry I can't see the screen to see the words. But, I'd love to know if they are available outside Indonesia.

Are You Serious! said...

♡ I love having get togethers! :)