Monday, June 18, 2012

The Trio

June 10th was a special day, when I and 9 other writer friends launched our book, an anthology of ten stories for children. This book is a media literacy project by LESPI and Tifa Foundation.

As I wrote a story in it, I also wrote a song based upon my story, with the same title 'Mumpung Tak Ada Ibu' (When Mom Was not at Home). It tells about a girl who secretly watched an adults program on tivi, while her mom was not home. In the end she regret it, for the ghost she watched on TV haunted her around, even into her dream.

The cool thing about this is, Ar and Ir asked me to join Ibit to sing the song and performed at the launch, just because they thought the song was cool. This is fun. I didn't think it was that cool. But my kids loved it. And they who usually refuse to perform, wanted to.

Here is their performance... :D

There was an error with the sound system but the show must go on, and there they go.

Oh and you can see Dek Ai' running here and there. He looked so excited watching his siblings performing :D


Forgetfulone said...

Congratulations! The story sounds great. I'd like to read it.

Beby said...

Ya ampuuuunn...suara Ibu dan anak-anak sama-sama merdu...aku klak klik beberapa video :D Love it, Mbak...