Monday, June 4, 2012

The Toy Car

Most baby boys love to play with toy cars, and baby girls love to play dolls.

With his delayed motoric development, playing things has come a little delayed too for Dek Ai'. I introduced him to piano. And ball. And blocks. And rings. And books. For months he was only interested in opening the pages of books without paying any attention to the contents. He likes to hit his fingers on the piano keys. It took times until he finally likes to play with ball and blocks. But not toy cars. I almost gave up.

I brought him several kinds of toy car. Bus. Truck. Sedan. Big. Small. Never attracted him, still. Last week I decided to give it one more try. I gave him this toy-bus-alike-train. He didn't response good at first. Then at least once a day I sit on the floor with him. Put our hands on the toy and push it forward and back ward several times - before he push my hand aside and leave.

One day I run the toy in front of him and it caught his attention.

Last night for the first time, he played with the toy car. I let him do, no interruptions at all. I didn't want to bother the joy he just found. He played with it for almost one hour.

This morning I put other toy cars he refused to play with, before. And he started to like them.

It's not about what toy to play. But I believe playing with toy cars is a part of the efforts to develop his motoric control.


Few months ago I was so jealous seeing a friends baby playing with toy car. Now it feels so good to see Dek Ai' doing the same.

He's late but he'll catch up I know.


Nieke,, said...

Dek Ai' sama nih Alif juga suka banget maen mobil2an. Kalo pinjem2an mau gak ya? Hehe :))

Latree said...

boleh... ayuk kapan? ;))

Vicky Laurentina said...

Ya know, I'm so glad to read this posting :)

Perhaps, months ago he didn't like playing with toys coz he didn't know how to make fun with it, and that's because no one taught him how to play to.

But right after you showed him the fun, he began to like it. So I guess this is all just about a boy's need to have someone to teach him.

Good job, Mbak Latree. Keep going on!

Latree said...

iya Vic.

he needs more attention while I have less time (than I had with his broters and sister at the same age)

it's gonna be a hard work, but I'll keep going on. thanks for the support :)

Forgetfulone said...

Yes, he will catch up! Good for him! Yay! And I posted about the surprise party earlier because my kids have no interest in reading my blog! LOL