Wednesday, March 25, 2009

birthday wishes

saturday 21 march was Ar Ir's birthday. I didn't make or buy any birthday cake and candles. but Dan had a surprise for them. a stay in a hotel.
sabtu 21 maret kemarin ultahnya Ar Ir. tidak ada kue ulang tahun dan lilin. tapi Dan punya kejutan: menginap di hotel.

they were so excited. when we first got there, Ar asked me, 'do they have computers here?'
I said, 'no they don't'. so it was the first wish of Ar: 'I wish hotels have computers I can play with...'
anak-anak seneng banget. saat pertama kali tiba, Ar bertanya padaku: 'di hotel ada komputer ngga sih?'
aku bilang 'tidak ada...'. jadi inilah harapan pertama Ar: 'andai saja ada komputer di hotel, jadi aku bisa main..'

in the evening we went for burgers and milkshake. when we went back to the hotel, they satisfied them selves almost an hour in the bath tub, then off to bed.
that was when Ar said his second wish: 'I wish this was my home...'
and Ibit replied: 'oh yeah, off course...'
sorenya kami pergi cari burger dan milkshake. waktu kembali ke hotel, anak-anak puas-puasin berendam di bath tub hampir sejam lamanya. lalu pergi tidur. itu saat Ar mengucapkan harapan keduanya: 'andai saja ini rumahku..'
kata ibit: 'yang bener aja..'

so when it was time to check out, I told the kids to get ready. and Ar said his last wish: 'I don't want to go home. I love hotel. I wish I could stay here forever...'
ketika tiba waktunya check out, aku suruh anak-anak bersiap untuk pulang. dan Ar berharap untuk terakhir kalinya: 'aku tidak ingin pulang. aku suka hotel. andai saja aku bisa tinggal di sini selamanya...'

well I don't know what to hope about that, boy. but this is the wish at least I could make come true for your birthday presents...
wah, ga tahu ya nak, bisa ngga ibu mewujudkan harapanmu itu. tapi ini harapan yang paling tidak bisa kami wujudkan sebagai hadiah ulang tahun kalian...

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pinkparis said...

Happy Birthday for Ar and Ir.
Hope all the best for both of them.

Cathy said...

That is perfect! Who needs a birthday cake when you can stay in a nice hotel and feast on burgers and milkshakes! Happy Birthday!

Are You Serious! said...

♥ What a great birthday surprise! My kids LOVE hotels also! :)

iway said...

hepi b'day buat ar dan ir, tambah ganteng n kritis ya nak :D

Shellie said...

That was a fun present! I'm glad they loved it so much.

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

Sounds like a good birthday for the boys! and the family!! :)
I love your new header!

Heather said...

Your boys are just so cute. I love your new banner with them all looking out the window.

Sounds like a fun night. :)

Michelle said...

What a cute picture of all of them sleeping and Happy birthday Ar.

Great PSF!

Crazy Daisy said...

Happy birthday to them! Such a fun birthday surprise!

Alex the Girl said...

I love the sillouettes of your children in the banner (don't know if I spelled sillouette correctly, sorry!). What beautiful boys you have. Hotel days are heavenly...I'm jealous!

forgetfulone said...

How fun! What a great birthday gift.

Triplet Mama said...

What a wonderful birthday wish - and how sweet to have it fulfilled! The bed looks so inviting with clean crisp sheets!