Thursday, March 19, 2009

my mirror boys

why Angie always called her twin 'mirror brothers'?
what will cross your mind when you hear the word 'mirror'?
I agree with her, and call my twin boys 'mirrors' too.
kenapa Angie selalau memanggil anak kembarnya 'mirror brothers'?
apa yang terlintas di benakmu ketika mendengar kata 'cermin'?
aku setuju dengannya, dan suka juga memanggil anakku 'mirror brothers'

I think of 'reflection'. what I see in a mirror is my reflection. exactly the same. when I want to see how I look like, I will look at the mirror. I think that's the idea, why twin brothers are called so.
aku pikirkan tentang bayangan. jika melihat cermin aku melihat bayangan. persis. jika aku mau lihat seperti apa aku, aku bercermin. kupikir itu idenya, mengapa saudara kembar di sebut begitu

they look so much alike. some times, even my twin themselves, argue about a picture of one of them.
'is this you?'
'no, that's you'
then they would come to me and ask who's picture was that

mereka mirip banget. kadang, mereka sendiri, udur-uduran tentang suatu foto salah satu dari mereka.
'ini kamu?'
'bukan, itu kamu'
lalu mereka akan datang padaku dan bertanya, foto siapa itu

I remember one day when they were younger, I don't remember exactly. Ar stood in front of a mirror, looked and pointed at it and said, "Ibu, that's Ir".
aku ingat waktu mereka masih kecil, tapi ngga ingat tepatnya. Ar berdiri di depan cermin, melihat dan menunjuk, lalu berkata, 'Ibu, ada Ir'

they play the same games. they have the same feeling about each other's presence. they have the same perspective of things.
mereka memainkan permainan yang sama. merasakan hal yang sama atas arti kehadiran mereka satu sama lain. punya pandangan yang sama tentang banyak hal

but do you notice that in some way, mirror also means opposites? isn't 'mirror' is a tool we use in some drawing software to make 'the opposite position' of an object? and that's an idea too, why I can call my twin 'mirror brothers', they are 'opposites' in many ways.
tapi pernah terlintas ngga, bahwa cermin juga berarti 'kebalikan'? bukankah 'mirror' adalah tool yang kita pake di software-software menggambar, untuk membuat obyek tampak sebaliknya? itu juga idenya kenapa aku sebut kembarku 'mirror brothers'. mereka itu kebalikan, di banyak hal

they learn things in different ways. they are interested in different things. they respond to a thing in different ways. they have different favorite food.
mereka mempelajari banyak hal dengan cara yang berbeda. tertarik pada banyak hal yang berbeda. memberi respon yang berbeda pada banyak hal. dan punya makanan favorit sendiri-sendiri

tomorrow will be my mirror boys birthday. they will be six, and I just realize how fast time has gone by, and time has painted more differences to my boys. and no matter how similar they are, still, they are two different persons
besok mereka ulang tahun. enam tahun, dan baru kusadari betapa cepat waktu berlalu, dan waktu mengukis semakin banyak perbedaan di antara mereka. tidak peduli betapa miripnya, mereka tetap dua orang yang berbeda.

this is Ar who loves chicken steak

this Ir who loves fried noodle

and I love them both, the same


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Wayne said...

wow you really would think they was a mirror image. great photo friday

scrappysue said...

they are gorgeous! you must be very proud

Are You Serious! said...

♥ I love it! They're so cute! I love how Ar looked in the mirror and thought it was Ir! So cute! :)

Michelle said...

No doubt that they are identical. They are adorable. Great PSF!

Cathy said...

What a great story! Happy birthday!

forgetfulone said...

To me, mirror means the same but different. I know that doesn't seem to make sense! As for opposites, my twins (boy and girl) write with opposite hands, learn in different ways, have different passions, one is shy & the other not, but in some ways they are just alike. Your boys are so cute. I have a weakness for twins.

Tiaras & Tantrums said...

happy birthday to your boys!

Susie said...

Wow, that was AWESOME! Happy Birthday Ar and Ir! Have a great day!

kaye said...

loved your thoughts about your boys. have a nice birthday with them

Heather said...

This is very cute. I love the photo of them sleeping with the opposite leg bent...very cute. Happy Birthday to the big boys! :)

Triplet Mama said...

They are beautiful and they are very lucky to have each other, and such a sweet big sister, and wonderful parents! Hope they have a great birthday!

angie said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet mirror images. I always love hearing about your children!

Joy said...

What a lovely narrative about your boys. They are lovely.

Crazy Daisy said...

cute post!

wyd said...

did they ask different gifts for their b-day?
anyway u have cute boys....

Dian Maya Kirana said...

Sooo cute... i want babies:)