Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I am overloaded....

capek deh....

with the kids fights.
anak-anak berantem terus.

I don't know why each time my kids get close one another there always be a fight. and yesterday I really feel had got too much of it.
kenapa ya, anak-anak itu kalo deketan satu sama lain pasti ada aja bahan berantem. dan kemaren itu bener-bener udah kelewatan.

first: Ibit VS Ar. fought over.... I forgot what. I was reading in the living room and they fought over something in the kitchen, on their way to their room. results: crying and shout.
satu: Ibit VS Ar. rebutan.... apa lupa. aku sedang baca di ruang tamu, mereka berantem di dapur sambil jalan mau ke kamar mereka. hasilnya: tangis dan jeritan

second: Ibit VS Ir. Ibit was looking for her 'monopoly' in nanny's cupboard and found a fan she used to use to dance when she was in second grade. that's what they were fighting over. result: I didn't know how, but they broke nanny's lamp plus crying and shout.
dua: Ibit VS Ir. Ibit lagi nyari mainan monopolinya di lemari embak. tiba-tiba dia nemu kipas yang dia pake nari jaman masih kelas dua. ya itu yang jadi bahan rebutan. hasil: ga tahu gimana lampu kamar embak pecah, plus tangisan dan jeritan.

third: Ar VS Ir. object: unknown. result: Ir bit Ar's finger. crying and shout.
tiga: Ar VS Ir. obyek: ga tahu. hasil: Ir gigit jarinya Ar. tangisan dan jeritan.

that's enough. so I said, "why do you guys always fight when you get close one another? Ok then, tonight I don't want to see you in the same place with any other of you"
cukup sudah. jadi aku bilang, 'kenapa sih kalo kalian deketan jadinya berantem? sudah, sekarang Ibu ngga mau lihat k alian deket-deketan lagi'

I brought Ir to sleep in the praying room upstairs. yes tonight they all have to sleep alone.
it would be easy for Ibit since she's always been sleeping alone in her own room. but Ar and Ir have been sharing the same bed since they were zygots, and I believe it was hard. have I been so mean?
aku bawa Ir tidur di kamar shalat di ruangan atas. yap, malam ini semua tidur sendiri. Ibit sih sudah biasa tidur di kamarnya sendiri. tapi Ar Ir udah terus tidur bareng sejak mereka masih berbentuk zygot, dan pasti berat harus tidur sendiri-sendiri. aku kejam ngga sih?

Ir didn't say a word, but I know he was sad.
Ar, you can't expect him to just keep what he feels.
'why does Ir have to sleep upstairs?', he asked
'because you two always have a fight when ever you get close'
'but not when we are sleeping, let us sleep together'
I giggled, off course you can't fight when you are asleep. but I said, 'NO'

Ir ngga bilang apa-apa, tapi aku tahu dia sedih.
Ar, jangan harap dia bisa menyimpan perasaannya.
dia bertanya, 'kenapa Ir harus tidur di atas?'
'karena kalian kalo deketan berantem'
'tapi kalo tidur enggak kok bu, biar deh Ir tidur bareng aku'
aku agak geli, ya mestilah, kalo tidur gimana mau berantem. tapi aku bilang, 'TIDAK'

I asked Dan, 'is it going to be temporary or permanent?'
'isn't it a good idea to separate Ar Ir in the different rooms?'
'is that necessary?'
aku tanya Dan, 'ini sementara aja atau selamanya?'
'ide bagus bukan, kalo Ar Ir kamarnya dipisah?'
'perlu ngga?'

so I accompanied Ir and Dan accompanied Ar until they fell asleep. and this morning, they both stick together so sweetly. ah....
jadi aku temani Ir dan Dan temani Ar sampai mereka tidur. dan pagi ini, mereka main bareng, rukun. ah....


Are You Serious! said...

♥ Sounds like your plan worked perfectly!!! Maybe I need to try this? My kids do the SAME THING!!!! Drives me crazy!

pinkparis said...

wew, i cannot imagine how will i react if i were their mother. i dont think i have enough patient. you are such a great mother :-)

farcham said...

aku anak Indonesia!
wah,njenengan kok saged sae basa Inggris to mbak..
Kula dados kepingin..

WheresMyAngels said...

You may miss this when they are grown. Okay, maybe not;)

I'm so happy that this week my children aren't fighting as much! It is a miracle.

forgetfulone said...

I think it was a good plan. I'm in the process of leaving an award for you on my blog. I've got lots of catching up on my blogs to do tonight!

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

I so feel you on this one! Seems like we have constant fights around here too. So glad that it's not just my kids! :)
It is hard to separate the twins, mine are always fighting, but don't want to be without the other. One day soon I will have take them out of the same room though.

Triplet Mama said...

What a great and wise solution. And how sweet that they they missed each other and stayed friends the next day.

Ina said...

Hi Mba, saya juga punya anak kembar laki2. Berantem sih nggak tapi kalau udah main, ributnya 'nta ampun deh. Walau mba bikin hati mereka sedih..tapi mereka tahu pasti mba sayang sama mereka. don't worry...

Ina said...

Hi Mba, saya juga punya anak kembar laki2. Berantem sih nggak tapi kalau udah main, ributnya 'nta ampun deh. Walau mba bikin hati mereka sedih..tapi mereka tahu pasti mba sayang sama mereka. don't worry...

ina said...

Sorry mba..salah pencet..