Thursday, December 18, 2008

similar but not same

serupa tapi tak sama

I know I've been talking so much about how my twins are. But day by day there are always new amazing things happening.
aku tahu aku sudah sering banget cerita tentang kembarku. tapi hari ke hari selalu ada saja hal yang menakjubkan tentang mereka

Ok, just a little flash back for you who feels lazy to click on my link above.
Ar Ir was said to be an identical twin, but I always tried my best (because it is not easy as I some time still see them as one) to treat them as different person. And I found that they are different in some ways, above the special bond they have.
I insisted to put them in different classes in kindergarten to make them a little independent between each other. It was hard at the beginning but finally worked.
ok deh, sedikit kilas balik buat yan gmales ngeklik link di atas.
Ar Ir sih katanya kembar identik. tapi aku selalu berusaha keras (karena susah banget, soalnya aku masih sering melihat mereka sebagai satu kesatuan) untuk memperlakukan mereka sebagai dua individu yang berbeda. dan ternyata mereka itu banyak beda di banyak hal, di atas ikatan khusus di antara mereka berdua.
ketika mereka mulai sekolah, aku ngotot untuk memasukkan mereka ke kelas yang berbeda di TK, supaya mereka bisa mengurangi saling ketergantungan satu sama lain. awalnya berat, tapi berhasil.

So. There are two grades in the kindergarten with three parallel classes each , split based on ages. According to that, Ar Ir should be in the 2nd class. Since I asked to put them in the different classes, in the first year the teachers put Ar in the proper class, but Ir in the 3rd class with friends of ages above him.
I knew it would be hard for Ir to compete with his friends, but what could I say?
Results: Ar got a trophy for best coloring, and Ir got nothin.
jadi... di TK kan ada kelas A dan B. masing-masing punya tiga parallel yang dibagi berdasarkan umur. harusnya Ar ir masuk di kelas ke dua. tapi karena aku minta mereka dipisah, akhirnya Ar masuk di kelas kedua, sedangkan Ir di kelas ketiga yang notabene anak-anaknya lebih tua dari dia.
Hasil: Ar mendapat piala untuk terbaik di ekstra mewarnai, Ir ngga dapat apa-apa.

So for the second years, we made a twist. Ir in the 2nd class and Ar in 3rd. I guess it would be fair enough for both to feel how to be in the proper class and in a harder class.
jadi untuk tahun kedua aku twist. Ir di kelas kedua dan Ar di kelas ketiga. kupikir cukup fair, masing-masing mereka merasakan bagaimana di kelas yang pas, dan juga di kelas yang lebih berat.

The result, I found to day when I took their odd semester report. Ir is 1st rank in class while Ar is just another ordinary student.
hasilnya adalah apa yang kulihat dari rapor yang aku ambil hari ini. Ir ranking satu, sementara Ar menjadi murid biasa aja.

I mean, wow. I (I'm sorry) some times thought Ir is less clever than Ar. Just because Ar learns things quicker than Ir. Some thing I finally realized to be wrong.
maksudku.... wow. (maaf) kadang aku merasa Ir tidak secerdas Ar, hanya karena Ar lebih cepat menangkap apa-apa yang diajarkan kepadanya. sesuatu yang akhirnya kudapati salah.

when they started learning to read, at the beginning it seemed hard for Ir to understand about the letters and how he should say the words, while Ar caught everything easily. But in last few weeks, like Ir has found a pattern and suddenly made a boost on reading. Now he reads better than Ar.

ketika mulai belajar membaca, awalnya Ir kelihatan sulit banget memahami huruf-huruf dan bunyi yang harus dia ucapkan, sedang Ar tampak gampang dan cepat menguasai. tapi minggu-minggu terakhir ini, Ir seperti menemukan pola dan tiba-tiba bikin boost dalam membaca. sekarang dia membaca lebih baik dari Ar

Does it mean Ir is cleverer than Ar? NO! It definitely is not what I mean. It's just that they learn thing in different ways, and everybody has their own specific intelligence. Yes, I'm always amazed by Ar's skills in using computer. I'll tell about it someday.
apa artinya Ir lebih cerdas dari Ar? BUKAN! sama sekali bukan itu maksudku. hanya saja mereka punya cara yang berbeda dalam memahami sesuatu, dan mereka punya kecerdasan spesifik sendiri-sendiri. bener, aku selalu kagum dengan keahlian Ar make komputer. kapan-kapan deh cerita soal ini...

'Open your eyes Latree, open your eyes to something you should've known since first' -- I told my self.
'buka mata, latree. buka mata atas apa yang seharusnya sudah kau ketahui sebelumnya' -- kataku pada diriku sendiri

I've never been so proud about my boys before.... :D
aku ngga pernah sebangga ini tentang Ar Ir sebelumnya... :D


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Are You Serious! said...

♥ Fun post. You're so good to write it in both languages! I'm trying to figure out if I should split up Lane & Eliza for kindergarten!

scrappysue said...

they are gorgeous!

Kimber said...

Your boys are adorable.

Michelle said...

Great picture of your boys!

Monkey's Momma said...

Beautiful boys!!!

WheresMyAngels said...

I don't know how I have missed this. I never noticed you had twins. I think I missed that there were two boys pictures on your side bar. I always saw the post about your daughter.

I love your boys on the bed, those were funny photo's.

Yes, everyone is an individual and your boys are smart and adorable!

MomOf3 said...

Your boys are so adorable!!

Tiaras and Tantrums said...

very cute!

Debbie in CA : ) said...

I'm a mom of identicals too (though one now lives in Heaven). Identical does not mean the same, does it? : )

Jenners said...

Visiting from Photo Story Friday...

This was a great story and a good reminder for all moms (regardless of whether they have twins or not) that each kid is different!

Heather said...

I think it is great that you split the boys up and changed the class they were in. I agree with you twins need to grow in their own ways, and become 2 different people.

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

Oh they are adorable!

The Burp Cloth Babe said...

All kids are unique...glad he is reading, too. Come see the giveaway at my blog! :)

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

nice post. Interesting how everyone learns and understands to his or her own pace.

forgetfulone said...

And you should be proud! I think it just means that children will rise to the challenges placed before them. They are such adorable boys.