Monday, December 8, 2008


ulang tahun

how important do you find birthday is?
what do you do in that time?
whose birthday is most important to you?
penting ngga sih?
apa yang kamu lakukan saat-saat itu?
ulangtahun siapa yang paling penting buatmu?

my birthday is important and not at the same time to me. it's not only something to celebrate, but also a time for me to take a look at myself for a while and see, what have I been doing in my life?
ulang tahunku sendiri sih penting ngga penting. bukan sekedar sesuatu untuk dirayakan, tapi jadi waktu untuk berhenti dan melihat diriku sendiri barang sesaat, dan mencari tahu, apa yang sudah kulakukan seumur hidupku?

the most important birthday, would be my children's, then husband's. I don't know why I put children's first, it just feels that way. because I watched them grow day by day, from their first day until now and hopefully on. I want to see their next and next and next birthdays...
ulang tahun terpenting adalah ulang tahun anak2ku, setelah itu suami. ga tahu kenapa anak2 aku dulukan. ya pokoknya rasanya begitu. masalahnya, aku melihat mereka tumbuh dari hari ke hari, sejak h ari pertama mereka lahir di dunia, sampai sekarang dan mudah-mudahan seterusnya. aku masih ingin melihat ulang tahun mereka yang berikutnya dan berikutnya dan berikutnya...

what about your blog? does it have a birthday? well it should be. but, I don't know is it right or wrong, I didn't pay too much attention to my blog's birthday. I need to look back way there to see when I did my first post.
bagaimana dengan blog anda? punya ulang tahun juga? mestinya begitu. tapi, ngga tahu ini baik atau buruk, aku ngga terlalu peduli dengan ulang tahun blogku. aku musti nengok jauh ke belakang untuk melihat kapan aku pertama kali posting.

my bloggie friend forgetfulone will be celebrating her blog's third anniversary on saturday. wow, three years! I hope some day I will get there. you know, some time I feel so bad mood about blogging, tired and no eager at all to write mine or read my friends'.
temen blogku forgetfulone akan merayakan ulang tahun blognya yang ke tiga sabtu nanti. wow, tiga tahun! mudah-mudahan nanti aku sampai ke sana. tahu kan, kadang-kadang aku bad mood banget dan jenuh blogging. males nulis, males juga baca tulisan orang...

have you noticed that I only blog once a week lately? how do get my passion in blogging back?
I hope I will find a way to. so I can keep blogging and meet friends, share with and learn from other bloggers around the world.
perhatiin ngga, sekarang aku cuma posting di sini seminggu sekali? gimana ya caranya biar semangat ngeblog lagi? mudah2an nanti bisa, jadi aku bisa tetep blogging, ketemu teman, berbagi dan belajar dari blogger lain di seluruh dunia...

happy third blogversary, diane!


ichanx said...

kemaren saya ulang taun.... *minta kado* hihihi

Evi said...

anakku mau ulang tahun abis natal nanti, simbah, eyang, bude dan mbakyu sepupunya berharap untuk pulang, tapi jatah cuti ku abis klo ga kan bisa bablas sampe tahun baru hehehe....
bisa maen ke semarang juga :)
*minta jatah cutinya dong...*

forgetfulone said...

Thank you so much for the link love! And for being such a great bloggy friend.

Are You Serious! said...

♥ My kids birthday's are the most important to me too. I get in bloggy slumps too. :)

WheresMyAngels said...

I like it better when people don't blog everyday so I can keep up. It is very hard to keep up otherwise.

So did you have a birthday?

latree said...

@ichanx: dapet ucapan selamat ulang tahun!
@evi: jatah cutiku juga udah abis say... :(
@forgetfulone: you are welcome
@mel: we do have so many things in common :D
@angels mom: ok then, I'll keep posting once a week, or a lil bit oftener occasionally. comfort for everyone. keep up with me ;)

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

Interesting thoughts on birthdays! Thanks for sharing them with us. My kids birthdays are more important than mine is to. I also can't remember when I started my blog.... summer I think.
the temple you told me to search for is amazing! I would love to visit your country and see those places and learn the history. Thanks for sharing that also.
i too am finding it hard to get caught up on everyone and I do so miss getting all the nice comments... I need to get reading! :)

angie said...

I've cut back on blogging too. I think sometimes we just need a break and time to "regroup" before continuing on. You've been missed though!

Crazy Daisy said...

I enjoy celebrating birthdays and anniversaries. They are usually fun and happy times to look forward to, and think about what the future may hold