Wednesday, July 4, 2007


Ini hasil surfing, nyariin latihan buat ngecilin perut suami yang ukuran celananya naik terus....
Tiap pagi bangun tidur, dan malam sebelum tidur. Berhasil lho! (Diiringi mengurangi konsumsi gula)

Move 1.
Sit up straight, feet flat on floor, knees bent. Pull abs in firmly, round the back and lower down so the upper body is about 45 degrees off the floor.
Now hold arms out forwrads and do 32 little pulses. On the last one hold and move arms out to sides (1 count) up to vertical (count 2), out to the sides again (count 3) and back to front (count 4). Repeat 8 times to make 32 counts in total.
At the end hold for 16 counts, then little pulses (1 count each) for 16 counts.
Judge the strength and fitness of your class here. You can let the rest, hug the kness in then resume the position. Otherwise make them hold the position and keep going.
Now you move the right arm round to the outside of the right knee on 1 count and back to center on count 2. Do this 8 times. Then repeat to the left. Then alternate sides for 16 counts.
Then move right hand across towards the left knee. It's the same sequence: 8 times on each side and 8 alternating.

Move 2
Now it's time to focus even more on the sides.
Lie on right side. Knees bent at 90 degrees and out in front of the body. Lean back a little hands behind head, pull abs in hard and lift legs off the floor too. Now crunch together the legs and upper body. Do 32 on a single count, hold for 16 and do another 16 on single counts. Turn over and do the other side.This should give a good workout and is a bit more interesting than doing boring old crunches

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