Thursday, May 29, 2014

Turning Four

Some times it is still hard to believe that he is four. It is more than just 'time flies'. It is also because I've missed much time with him. Some thing I've been trying so hard to pay off but seems never be enough.

He's in love with letters and numbers. Lately he always look around and likes to find them. When we go to a restaurant he would walk around and collect the table numbers and put them all on our table. Off course I had to ask permission from the owner and other customers.

Big sized letters and numbers are special excitements. Couple days ago when we visited Losari, he got excited reading each letter in the park. He climbed up and looked so happy to be able to touch the big letters.

Today at the airport, he noticed the gate numbers and insist to come and touch them all one by one. We did have much time while waiting for our time to board, but walking from gate to gate and back to our gate is lil bit tiring... But I accompany him to number four, for this number is being a special one for him to day. My four years old baby.

Years go by and I feel more weight burden me. Some times I want to give up but every time I look at him, I ask my self 'would you run away from your responsibility?'

No I wouldn't. Ever again.

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