Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Only the Good Ones Die Young

Few days ago Ibit told me, one of her friend's 6 year old younger brother was accidentally hit by a motorbike when he was playing around the neighborhood. He got a serious injury and trauma on his head and got a surgery, and was in a comma.

This evening I heard the news that he couldn't make it and passed away.

Right now I'm lying beside my baby and can't stop crying thinking of the poor boy. We still met him two weeks ago when the kids had the Tae Kwon Do examination. He was so cute, and totally fine. Who would think he'd pass away so soon, this way?

I know God only do the good things. And may be that's why He took him. Prayers.


Asop said...

The youth die fast?

Saya langsung teringat judul sebuah film, "no country for old men". :D
Ah, entahlah, memang judulnya yang menarik. :D

Ari said...

My prayers go to that kid. Wish him the best place in heaven.